Ky Representative Mark Hart sits down in Conversations with Keith

Whether it's a tour of his office that has a touch of Pendleton County in it, the bills he has pre-filed for the 2019 Short General Assembly Session, pension reform or Kentucky's revenue, 78th District Representative Mark Hart was willing to sit down and discuss the issues that are facing the legislators during this session.

Clip one: Hart shows off his new office and the taste of home he brought with him to Frankfort.

Clip two: Before we got started in the legislation stuff, Hart discusses the Melvin Hart Toy Drive for youth. How did it get started, how did the family get involved and how did it do this year.

Clip three: Hart explains what is a short session and how does it work?

Clip four: There are some corrections from the 2018 General Assembly session that needs to be addressed as well as pension reform with the recent 7-0 Kentucky Supreme Court decision that the process to pass the reform bill was unconstitutional. Also, Kentucky Board of Edcuation has indicated they are going to ask legislators to consider.

Clip five: There are has been pre-filed bills and/or discussion on methods to increase revenue in Kentucky. Sports Betting, Casinos, and Legalizing Majijuana, what does Hart think these things.

Clip six: Hart has pre-filed bills on board of education appointments as well as flouride in your drinking water. He takes a few moments to discuss each.