Hart, Schroder headed back to Frankfort

The state legislator races have been fueled by the pension rhetoric that was left over from the 2018 General Session.

The method of passing the “sewage” bill that saw last minute legislative maneuvering to replace the contents of a bill on waste water to a pension reform bill has fueled state teachers and Democrats to try and regain control of the House after losing it in 2016. They had previously had control for over 100 years.

The Republicans were answering by pointing out they were the party that had fully funded pensions and were driving a booming economy in Kentucky.

Turnout of voters in Pendleton County, Kentucky and the nation seemed to be tremendous with the political rhetoric at the all time high with both parties calling it “the most important election of their lifetime.”

Greg Coulson, a Harrison County lawyer, was tabbed to unseat Pendleton County resident Mark Hart. They were vying for the 78th District House seat that represents Pendleton, Harrison and parts of Scott County.

Hart swept all three counties winning by over 2,100 votes. He won his home county 2,957 to 1,419. He won Harrison County 3,143 to 2,764 and the portion of Scott County 1,369 to 1,103.

“I’m very excited to be re-elected and to be re-elected at the level that the constituents did,” said Hart who was appreciative that he and Coulson each ran a positive race.

“This shows that the district still has faith in me and what we are doing in Frankfort. I look forward to continue working for them the next two years,” he added.

Rachel Roberts, a Newport yoga studio owner, was drafted to unseat Wil Schroder, a Northern Kentucky lawyer for the 24th District seat.

Schroder won Pendleton County convincingly 3,251 to 1,369. He won Bracken County 1,601 to 1,277 and Campbell County 18,853 to 15,312.

"Thank you to the voters of the 24th Senate District and especially to Pendleton County," Schroder texted to Falmouth Outlook. "I am honored to have your vote of confidence and look forward to continuing to serve you in Frankfort."