Greg Coulson, candidate for Kentucky House of Representative 78th District

Greg Coulson, candidate for Kentucky's House of Representative's 78th District seat, sat down for just under two hours to discuss items facing Kentucky in the next years as well as campaign issues.

You will NOT find political speak in this Conversation with Keith but a deep discussion that hopefully will give you insight into the candidate.

Topics discussed were: * The tone of politics today and what can be done to fix it.

* What is the Democrat response if the Ky Supreme Court rules is constitutional

* Education in several different areas

* Where should Ky generate revenue from

* Public notices are being moved our of easy access to residents.

* As does he balance his role as a defense attorney with legislative decisions that may run contrary with his chosen career.

* What should the state legislation be doing to battle drugs. * More and more financial costs are being dumped onto local governments

* What changes/tweaks need to be done in the January 2019 General Assembly.

* What is the biggest difference with Greg Coulson as the 78th District representative.