With 57 miles of waterways and hundreds miles of roads in Pendleton County, the task of cleaning up Pendleton County is daunting.

    Every month or so, the Falmouth Outlook features pictures of county clean-up where tires, plastics, and other items are removed from the river and its banks.

    As the sun shined over the Licking River Saturday morning, a crowd gathered to honor a native son of Falmouth.
    John Ayers Merritt was born in 1926 and spent his early years growing up in Falmouth. He would leave to eventually one day become one of the all-time great college football coaches.

After graduation from Morehead State University, Kelsey Kuessner moved from the comfy confines of her dad’s home in Peach Grove to the big city lights of Chicago.
    From there, she got involved with a group called Under 30 Experiences and is traveling the world with her lifelong friend, Kendall Roseberry.

Germany in the 1920s as Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party came to power was not  a safe place for Jewish people. That included the family of Lt. Commander Joel Nahari, USN Ret. Nahari also is a former NJROTC instructor at Pendleton County High School.

As a child, former Wildcat basketball star and head coach Keaton Belcher had three athletic goals. His first was to play in the Kentucky Sweet Sixteen. In 2005, he was a member of arguably the best team in Pendleton County history that had a magical season--a season that ended with them playing at Rupp Arena.