There are several routes to receive a teacher’s certificate in the state of KY – more than the traditional route of entering college upon high school graduation.  In Pendleton, the majority of our teaching staff come to us after graduating from a college/university in which they majored in a particular field.  

        Abby Moore, new PC School Board representative, received a hearty welcome from members of the board and Superintendent Joe Buerkley at their June 17, 2019 meeting.

Life can be lonely for anyone, but seniors seem to fall into that unpleasant place more often than many. Sally Golfman, her son Shawn Hayslette, Brenda Cafferty, and Reba Fleming work to remedy that.    

District 4 Magistrate Rick Mineer made a motion early in the Ambulance District Funding Discussion item on the Pendleton County Fiscal Court agenda for their June 25 regularly scheduled meeting to provide an additional $50,000 of funding to help the district meet payroll.

Disturbing news arose from the special called Fiscal Court caucus meeting on Tuesday, May 29, as representatives of the Ambulance District Board, Dale Beighle and Gina Adams, and Ambulance Director Phillip Hart were present to report that the ambulance district did not have the necessary funds to make their June bond payment of $50,000 for the n

    In June of 2018, the Ambulance District Board appeared in front of the Pendleton County Fiscal Court to ask for help in making their $50,000 bond payment for the new headquarters. A lengthy discussion led to several billing issues that were beyond the control of the district board.