The shooting of Chris Powell on the morning of Sunday, January 20 by Shawn Richie led to Powell's death according to testimony laid out by KSP Sergaent Chris Larison at the preliminary hearing in front of Judge Bill Kuster.

    If you are the mother or father of a high school athlete here in Kentucky or one of the key school administrators in a member school or member school district, this message is primarily for you.

A call from a concerned resident to Pendleton County Animal Control led to Director John Bloomfield making a tense rescue of a dog. Somehow it had gotten behind a fence onto a concrete ledge under the supports of the old bridge leaving Falmouth east on U.S. 22.

    When Pendleton County residents think of Lisa Arnold, they likely think of Billy, hummingbirds, dogs, chickens, and pictures. Those pictures especially bring people joy—and often they are pictures of Billy and her hummingbirds, dogs, and chickens. More often, though, they are of events and places in the county.

A lifeblood of a newspaper is the advertising and support it receives from local businesses and individuals. It is inherent on the advertising  staff to build advertisements that present the business’s message and image in the best possible format.

Sam McClanahan is in his 13th year covering sports for Pendleton County and has written many stories on the exploits of the Cats. In 2018, alone he has been dedicated to covering the meteoric rise of Dontaie Allen through his courage of overcoming a devastating injury. He has covered sports teams in golf, basketball and fast pitch.