Pendleton County Country Club was financially struggling when Daryle Landrum purchased the beleaguered course. After a couple of years, local businessman David Bay is stepping up to purchase the course and commit just under $1 million in improvements to the course.

As Taylor Zumwalt grew up, she watched friends deal with situations involving domestic violence. “I felt like the system failed these individuals because there was very little anyone could do to help.
        “Now, I can help.”

We set aside one special day of the year to remember those women and men that have served in the armed forces, ensuring our nation’s freedom. They served without question, being taken away from their jobs, homes, and families. On November 11, we pay tribute to that sacrifice.

    Brianna Couch was recently inducted into the 10th Region Volleyball Hall of Fame. She is the first Ladycat to receive this honor as selected by the regions coaches.  She started off her high school career as a freshman playing setter for the varsity team for Coach Daryl McLean.

    While the drug issue in Pendleton County has not disappeared, one of the largest drug rings in Pendleton County has been facing judges who are handing down lengthy sentences.
    Greg Sydnor, the alleged ring leader, will be sentenced later in 2018 for multiple charges.

        Stephen Smith, founder of A Wired Family, asks a simple question during his social media presentations: if someone offered you $10,000 a month to follow your child everywhere he or she goes 24 hours, seven days a week, would you accept the offer?