Stacey Sanning saw one of her career goals become a reality on Tuesday evening standing outside of County Clerk Rita Spencer's office. To become a prosecuting attorney.

"When I was in law school, I set prosecuting attorney as a career goal. I am very happy to accomplish it," she said.

The mayorial race was seen as a close contest as the voters headed to the polls on Tuesday. The high voter turnout saw 587 votes cast by the voters in support of the three mayorial candidates. Voters had a tough decision as they were faced with issues concerning electric rates, water treatment, and sanitation pick up.

Greg McElfresh will be returning as Mayor of City of Butler winning his race over Alice Smith, 81 to 38.

City Council saw all six candidates elected to serve for the next two years.

Kevin Barnard will be assuming a Pendleton County Board of Education seat just like his father, Gary, did several years ago. His mother, Ann, was a school teacher at Southern Elementary for many years.

The voter turnout today was heavy at the precincts for town on Tuesday. Eight candidates vying for city council awaited the results to determine who would be the six to decide the direction and future of Falmouth. Outside the polling places as people walked to and from their vehicles you could hear pieces of the conversations occurring.