Fiscal Court recognizes long serving individuals

Rep. Hart, Sen. Schroder on hand to honor them

After the official business of the Pendleton County Fiscal Court was complete, four individuals received recognition for their combined 80 years "and a couple months" of service to Pendleton County.

Bobby Fogle, (11 years), Gary Veirs (16 years), Craig Peoples (24 years) and Jeff Dean (29 years and a couple months) have spent a good portion of their adult lives serving the residents of Pendleton County.

Judge Executive David Fields presented Fogle, Peoples and Dean with a token of appreciation from the court. A special retirement reception is being held for Gary Veirs at 2 p.m. on Sunday, December 30 at the Extension building.

Representative Mark Hart and Senator Wil Schroder presented each with a citation from the Kentucky House of Representatives and the Kentucky Senate as well as commissioning each as a Kentucky Colonel.

The court took action to approve as the county life insurance provider, Dearborn for a rate of $488.74. The previous provider, Humana, had raised their rates to $664.

Judge Fields pointed out during his recommendation that while Dearborn "would cost the county $24 more for employees, it saves the employees who purchase other items." The court approved 4-0.

With Sheriff Peoples retirement effective on Monday, January 7, the sheriff office has to settle the account under his supervision. They contracted with him from January 7-11 for 40 hours at his hourly rate for him to settle out his accounts of collections and disbursements. The total is for $1,670.80.

The court had a good discussion on an agreement presented by Bill Mitchell on $5,000 to market a privately owned piece of property off the AA in northeast Pendleton County.

"This allows them to start marketing the property to potential business interests who might locate to Pendleton County," said Judge Fields.

Veirs pointed out that $5,000 for three years of marketing seems reasonable as long as nothing else is tied to the agreement.

Both Mitchell and Mineer expressed concerns with utilities especially gas.

Dean advised the court that the agreement does not have an option to buy the property and that as long as a business meets the criteria, the owner of the property has last say on who purchases the property.

Whaley emphasized that point with a question to Dean, "Can a company come straight to the property owner and purchase the property even if we do not like them?"

Dean and Mitchell answered, "As long as they meet the criteria that is laid out in the agreement, you might not like the company but yes they can purchase the property."

Mitchell cautioned the court that "there is no rush to this and let's do it right."

Veirs moved on the advice and made the motion to table the agreement and for it to be taken up by the new court in 2019. The motion passed.

Minutes, treasurer's report, bills and transfers were all approved by 4-0 vote.