Fiscal Court accepts Mago $1.5 million bid on road projects

The Pendleton County Fiscal Court and Judge David Fields spent the first portion of their regular scheduled meeting opening bids for several road projects.

Two bids were received to pave all 31 county roads. Eaton Asphalt had a bid of $1,673,896.50. Mago had a bid of $1,503,124.45.

There were two roads that Eaton had a lower bid than Mago.

Fields pointed out that “Traditionally, we take the bid process as a whole.”

Mago representatives were present and Magistrate Rick Mineer asked them about the timeline of completing the projects.

He said, “Pendleton County was left holding the bag last time when you pulled off and went other places.”

Mago indicated they were in an adjacent county and would start mid-July to September.

With Magistrate Alan Whaley absent, the Fiscal Court accepted Mago’s bid by 3-0 vote.

“I always try to have extra roads on the bid list just in case we happen to get additional funds from the state,” explained Fields. “We are looking at around $600,000 in resurfacing and skim patching to be done this year.”

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