Firefighters ban together to replace bike for child impaled on the brake handle

Henry Montoure was just a normal boy riding his bike up and down his street when a fateful bump changed all of that. The bump sent him flying over the handlebars of his bike and as he landed, the brake handle impaled him in the leg.

"I was in shock," Henry said about the moment he realized what had happened.

With dad, Glenn, holding his son's weight off the bike to prevent any damage, the firefighters made the determination, they had to cut the bike apart for ambulance personnel to be able to transport him to the landing zone for air care.

After arriving at the hospital, the bike was removed, Henry received a few stitches and was heading back home. But without a bike.

"Kid was strong. He wasn't crying and was in good spirits. He let one cry out as we begin to cut the bike but he was very tough," said Firefighter Ryan Marquardt about Henry.

It was a situation that these Pendleton County heroes could not accept. Working with Walmart and gathering funds from their own pockets, they bought and presented a brand new bike to Henry on Wednesday night. A bike with smaller brake handles, just in case there is another bump in the road.

Each day our local emergency personnnel respond to help those in need. This day, these group of men were recalling their youth and riding their bike and decided, they needed to go one step farther. For Henry who was all smiles, he and his new bike, got a ride home from the Pendleton Fire Station on a fire truck with lights flashing.