Prepare to Care, April 9

Many families do not want to talk or think about future care decisions. But it is important to take responsibility to protect yourself and those around you by talking about and putting together a caregiving plan for the future. A plan can increase control, reduce stress and financial burden. It is never to late to start the caregiving conversation. The goal of the program is to help you: prepare to talk, form your team, assess needs, make a plan, and take action.

Join the Extension for a research study that is examing the effectiveness of AARP’s, Prepare to Care program from 6:30-8 p.m. on Sunday, April 9 at the Butler Baptist Church. Let the church or the extension office know you are coming. University of Kentucky Researchers Drs. Natalie Pope of the College of Social Work (859) 218-2768 or and Amy Hosier of the Dept. of Family Sciences (859) 257-1763 or For more information and to RSVP: call (859) 654-3395.

Participaiton in the 2-hour lesson, presented by extension agents will help University of Kentucky researchers better understand the importance and effectiveness of caregiver planning and using Extension as an avenue to teach. During the lesson, you will be asked to complete evaluation surveys in addition to being mailed a 3-month follow-up survey.