24 hours for the Lord

At the request of Pope Francis, churches throughout the world during this season of Lent will be offering God’s people 24 consecutive hours of silent prayer, praise, and adoration in thanksgiving to God for this Extraordinary Jubilee Holy Year of Mercy. 

At St. Francis Xavier Parish, 202 Second Street, in Falmouth, the selected date is Friday, March 11, starting at noon through Saturday, March 12 at noon. 

Please consider spending an hour with the Lord and ask Him for his blessings on our world, nation and communities. Especially praying for those who suffer from violence and addictions of any kind.

Embrace God’s mercy.  His mercy endures forever, from generation to generation!  As we prepare to celebrate Easter, this holy year is an invitation to experience the awesome power of God’s mercy at work in our own lives. 

When we recognize God’s mercy, we realize mercy is a gift to share with the people in our lives and around the world. The God who made the heavens and the earth loves us!  Jesus the Lord! Let us go forth in the days to come and proclaim like Mary Magdalene upon witnessing the resurrection, “I have seen the Lord”. (Jn 20:18)