Butler City Council candidates asked about wet or dry issue


    In the Falmouth Outlook series for candidates for Butler City Council, the question was posed to candidates, “Whether the rest of Pendleton County should be wet or dry is on the ballot and voters will be able to decide whether alcohol sales should be allowed in the City of Butler. Do you support or oppose this issue?”
    Candidates were limited to a 250-word response.
    The weekly series will continue through October 27, the week before Election Day on November 3.

Mason Taylor: It’s a great topic for discussion however, I completely agree with the sale of alcoholic beverages in our city limits.
    Here’s why, how often could you ask a citizen of this town “where do you go to buy your alcohol?” Their reply would simply be that they go to Southern Campbell Shell or to Falmouth, so why are we letting that money go out of our own city that could potentially help revitalize our small town?
    Although some say it could create a burden for our local officer the ABC (Alcoholic Beverage Content) tax is a tax that you can apply to this particular sale and ear mark those funds to help hire part time officers or better equip an officer if the money is spent  properly and wisely.
    This particular discussion brings a lot of negative and misrepresented facts about this topic that I think we need to do some serious homework on. It’s 2020 its time for this city to move forward.
    Thank you for the question and hope my answer is helpful.