Early morning storm lands tree on home

Bernice Camidge, 54, returned home around lunch time to find the front of her family’s double wide on Ashlee Lane caved in. A tree that was a fixture in their front yard fell during the heavy thunderstorms slamming into the front of their home causing a great deal external damage.

She said a neighbor first notified her of the incedent via phone call earlier in the day. She believes the tree fell during 7:30 and 8:00 a.m. while she was at work. Camidge‘s home sustained serious damage. On the left side of the double wide, windows are caved in and a section of the roof was damaged. Bernice described the roof as have, “100 feet worth of damage.”

As the rain poured down, water continued to flow inside through the hole in the roof. Bernice said her husband, Greg, was already in the process of putting a tarp over top of the hole so water doesn’t contiune to seep in and create more internal damage.

Judging by the clean split in the tree, lightning appears to be the most likely culprit although no official cause has been pinpointed by the police and road crew.