Dillon Feltner commits to play collegiate tennis at Midway College

Over the past few years, the Pendleton County High School tennis program has grown in both participation and accomplishments. Right in the midst of that success has been Senior Dillon Feltner.

Feltner and his doubles partner, Mike DeWald are the first tennis players from Pendleton County to make back-to-back KHSAA state tournament appearances. Their success helped breed excitement and success among their teammates.

Something not lost on Midway College Tennis Coach Joe Reyes. “Dillon is a very talented player who has played an important role on his team. I’m looking to bring in and develop players like him who will one day be the face of our program and lead it to the top of our conference. It is hard to find players like him, where his teammates look up to him for guidance and assurance.”

A point echoed by his high school coach, David Tackett. “Even as a sophomore and a junior, he was a leader on the courts with the younger players. He works hard at his game and has really developed his talent. I can send him over to work with younger players, even my two granddaughters, and he works hard with them and they listen.”

Feltner visited a couple different schools and was sought after by Kentucky Christian University to play soccer. It’s the school that his former doubles teammate, Dewald, is having success on the soccer pitch.

“Soccer was always my favorite sport growing up, but my eighth grade year, I tried tennis and it just came so natural to me,” said Feltner.

Reyes sees Feltner playing both singles and doubles for the Eagles. Midway fields 15 athletic teams and two equine riding teams and competes in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) and River States Conference.

Presently, Coach Reyes indicated his team is a first-year men’s program that is undefeated in conference play.

Both Coach Reyes and Coach Tackett see Feltner as still developing and growing in his game. Something he agrees with, “Being so competitive I loved tennis and was able to compete at a high level which made me love the sport even more. I believe I can keep improving and compete even higher at the next level.”

“He is such a good young man and a very positive influence on our program,” said David Tackett. Something that by all accounts, Feltner will continue at Midway.

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