David Bay introduces membership and county to Pendleton Hills

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“The number one thing is that it is staying an 18-hole golf course. Period,” Bay stated emphatically.

    Pendleton County Country Club was financially struggling when Daryle Landrum purchased the beleaguered course. After a couple of years, local businessman David Bay is stepping up to purchase the course and commit just under $1 million in improvements to the course.
    He announced the purchase, the improvements,  and a name change to the club’s membership on Saturday, November 10. It was met with several rounds of applause and voice of appreciation for the vision that Bay unveiled.
    The new course is christened Pendleton Hills and will see numerous improvements, but one thing will stay the same. You can find out more information at their website https://pendletonhills.com/

    “The number one thing is that it is staying an 18-hole golf course. Period,” Bay stated emphatically.
    Bay committed to resurfacing all of the cart paths at a cost of $265,000.
    He is poring $100,000 into kitchen equipment that will transform the snack bar into a restaurant open to the public. He envisions a pub type atmosphere where residents and members can have a sandwich, watch a ball game, attend a special event, or have a tasty steak.
    The renovated kitchern area will also allow for catering opportunities for outside-the-club and golf outings. He announced that Priscilla Gravitt, his manager when he owned and operated the Falmouth BB’s and Lee’s Chicken, would oversee the restaurant.
    He committed to the upkeep of the course with seed, new mowing equipment, and the rough being properly maintained. nature areas will be tended to look like a park setting, and the greens, tee boxes and fairways would be treated.
    Bay plans to remodel the pool house and to purchase new tables, chairs and umbrellas. He will also install two hot tubs with outside televisions.
    He is leasing 56 new golf carts and is offering a sponsorship to local businesses to advertise on each cart.
    He will be building and renovated two wedding venue gazebos on the grounds. The locker room  will become a dressing area for the bridal party members into a dressing area for bridal parties; in addition, the golf cart barn will become a reception area with four glass garage doors and a newly decorated interior.
    Bay is looking for an event coordinator that will not only focus on the course, restaurant and weddings, but will also plan off-season activities at the course during Halloween and Christmas.
    As Bay was speaking with an excited membership, Doug Miller spoke up. “Most of the membership came here on pins and needles not knowing what to expect. I think I speak for everyone when I say, ‘This is awesome.’”
    His comments were met with a round of applause.
    Lisa Houchen who has won 32 out of 36 women’s club championships said, “It all sounds good. It will be wonderful for Pendleton County.”
    Some members were taking a wait-and-see approach as they have heard plans before and watched them fall apart.
    Darin Hart, though, was excited about the news. “This is the best outcome that the membership can expect. David has a sincere interest in revitalizing the golf course.”
    Bay’s plans are not fully realized as he told the membership that he recently met with four companies. He is working on a plan for a senior living center that would remake central Pendleton County.
    As with most things he dives full-bore into, Bay will attack the issue with research by seeking out the experts’ opinions with the final goal of creating something that is perfect for the needs of Pendleton County.