PCHS senior laments missed events

  • Grace photo
    Grace photo

Grace Gruner's story is the third of a series of articles from Falmouth Outlook student reporters or former ones abourt their school year coming to a close because of the coronavirus.   

There are many seniors who wanted their high school experience to come to an end, but none imagined it would come this soon. All students were appreciative of an extra-long spring break, but it quickly turned into something much bigger.
    As a Senior Council officer, it has been a very hard experience watching the class of 2020 miss out on experiences like our senior trip to Washington D.C. and New York City, as well as senior prom. Senior Council has spent so much time and effort planning events like Class Night, Baccalaureate, Awards Night, and Graduation; all events which very well could end up canceled.
    It is a very sad thought for many seniors, myself included, that March 13 could have been their final day at Pendleton County  High  School;  their  last  day in a desk or walking the halls. Many seniors who previously found themselves wanting to graduate are now wishing they could have just one more day. We all miss our teachers and friends and are hoping that we will be able to return to school after May 1.