Connecting water service to homes and businesses in Butler is in process

In comments by the contractor and the mayor, making the new sidewalks flush with the homeowners’ sidewalks creates a problem. The sidewalk will be uneven because no two homeowner sidewalks are the same height. Consequently no decision was made regarding this issue for now. It will be reviewed in the spring when the sidewalk work is to be accomplished.

    The completion date for Butler’s Sanitation Project of Feb. 7, 2018 may be extended as deductive alternates are added back into the project, shared Smith and Brown’s Donny Smith. Deductive alternates are parts of the original plans that were set aside in order to save money on the project. Now that the overall balance of funds available seems higher than anticipated, these deductive alternates can be added back into the project.

    The process of connecting homes and business to the water lines is in process. The final part of this project, new sidewalks and street paving will be completed in the spring. Any manhole rehab will be the responsibility of the contractor. This will begin in late Jan.

    The CIPP lining of the lines was completed by Instuform and the retaining wall will be completed soon.

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