Clean community is everyone’s responsibility

Falmouth Outlook thanks those who participate in efforts and programs that clean up Pendleton County. Do your part and don't litter!

In honor of Earth Day April 22, thousands of people around the country will pick up litter in their communities.

Litter is a problem in all communities, which make events like these an unfortunate necessity.

These events serve dual purposes by allowing residents to network while beautifying their community.

Where humans go, it is inevitable trash and litter will follow. Unfortunately, not everyone is responsible with their garbage and sometimes, natural forces, like wind or rain, will pick up trash and leave it scattered.

We applaud this annual initiative to clean up the community and the volunteers for having the community-mindedness to address an issue.

A clean community offers many benefits beyond aesthetics. It improves safety, quality of life, property values and more.

We encourage residents to take part in this group effort to better our community by keeping it clean. If you can’t attend, do your part by reducing litter. Use garbage receptacles. Don’t flick your cigarettes butts into the street. Pick up litter when you see it. Clean up your property when you have the opportunity.

A cleaner community will be a happier, healthier community. That’s something we all deserve, and the solution is simple.