Chris Lord wants to be the voice of those who need a voice

“I never had anyone speak for me,” Chris Lord, Democrat candidate for Kentucky Congressional District 4 seat and the reason that motivated her to run for the seat. She wants to represent those that are living the life she has been living.

A teenage mom of 17 during her junior year and married in her senior year, she knows about living on the fringe and hanging by a thread barely out of poverty. She’s a stay at home mom of five who has two children at Eastern Kentucky University while she is home schooling her youngest two children.

“This country has moved forward under progressives,” she stated during an exclusive interview with The Falmouth Outlook. “I am the change and want to be the blueprint.”

In her campaign literature, she writes, “How long has it been since we were actually represented in Washington? I don’t feel like I have ever had a voice.”

She states her goals in running: transparency, accountability for elected officials, conversations about concerns and most importantly the citizens’ voice to be heard again.

Pendleton County has gone Republican throughout the past few elections and she was asked what was it about the Democrat message that has not been resonating with Pendleton County and why she is the candidate that can speak to the citizens of the county.

“At the local level, the Democrat party is very involved with younger blood in the Kentucky Democrat Party. I’m pretty excited about it,” she said.

Her campaign literature states, “I have always had a desire to serve. There is no greater good than to serve those that need it most. We need a voice in Washington that will listen to us. We haven’t had that in decades.”

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