Bruener steals and crashes two cars, flees police and holds gun on two

Charles Bruener, Jr. was housed in Boone County Jail on multiple charges after a wild Friday afternoon on March 2 involving two stolen vehicles, wrecks involving multiple vehicles and a home invasion that saw Bruener allegedly point a .357 at a family.

According to Pendleton County Sheriff Craig Peoples, Bruener was wanted for multiple outstanding warrants.

Having seen him at the Shell station in Falmouth, Sheriff Peoples stated that he approached the vehicle driven by Gary Showalter. Seeing Bruener in the passenger side back seat, he went to the window where Bruener sat with a syringe in his hand.

According to police reports, Bruener proceeded to climb over the seats and push Showalter out of the car. At that point, Bruener made a move towards his waistband.

Sheriff Peoples had his hand on his taser but moved it to his weapon as he saw Bruener indicate he was possibly going for a gun.

As Sheriff Peoples made his way around the back of the vehicle, he saw the door was open and fired his taser trying to subdue Bruener. It missed and Bruener was off in the stolen vehicle with Jason Gilbert in the passenger seat and Tiffani Thompson in the driver’s side back seat.

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