Boettcher takes different path to ministry

“I have yet to meet a Christian who likes to wait on the Lord,” Boettcher stated. “And I am certainly no exception. I think that my biggest challenge during that time was not to try to help God out."

Despite what some may think, individuals take different roads to the ministry. Some join seminary directly after high school. There are others who enter into ministry years later. That is the story of Mark Boettcher, the new minister at Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church. He took the path of ministry after years of waiting for the opportunity to preach.

Boettcher’s journey into the ministry began in 2010 when he felt the call into the ministry. However, the opportunity to minister to a church did not immediately open up. While waiting for his opportunity to preach, he took some mission trips to India and he worked with the Gideon’s. He also helped fill in preaching at Unity before they hired their minister. Time continued to pass as he waited for his opportunity to preach at a congregation.

Things began to change for him last year. His minister at Unity felt the need to ordain him into the ministry. During this period of time, Pleasant Ridge called him to help fill-in preaching. They voted to accept him as their new preacher.on Dec. 3. After waiting nearly seven to eight years, he finally received the call to become the minister at his first church. When reflecting on his wait, he acknowledged the challenge of waiting patiently on God’s open door.

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