Mouth watering venison tips by Amish Cook

Is everyone enjoying this pleasant fall weather before winter sets in? With October and November rolling around, the deer hunters are spending time in the woods once more. Deer meat has been a tremendous blessing in our community in the past years. With having a large quantity of deer in our area, hunters help keep the disease rate down. In areas with lots of deer and few hunters, the deer end up with a lot of sicknesses and diseases sweeping through and killing large numbers of them.

This summer my husband Daniel promised Julia that he’d take her along bow hunting. He explained to her the importance of holding still and not talking  too loudly on the stand. Naturally, she was all excited and impressed  with the idea. She informed him that once she’s big she is also going to go hunting. “And, Daddy,” she said. “If you go hunting with me, you’re going to have to hold very still!”

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