Keturah, age 10, enjoys a visit by Julia, at the Flat Rock school house.

Meet Gloria’s youngest sister, Keturah

Dear Friends, How about getting to know some of my family members? I would like to introduce you to my youngest sister, Keturah Joy. Each of my six siblings holds a special place in my heart and Keturah is no exception.

My mind goes back exactly 10 years when we were waiting, expectantly anticipating the arrival of a long-awaited bundle. After having two stillborn sisters before Keturah, I was especially dreaming of a newborn wrapped in pink. At last on January 30 my adorable little sister arrived. Dad and Mom chose to name her Keturah Joy. Keturah was the name of Abraham’s second wife in the Old Testement. Keturah was an absolute dream come true with her pink, rounded cheeks and mop of fluffy black hair.

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