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The engineer who went to the USSR and got stuck for 50 years

March 21, 2019 - 8:20pm
In 1929, an African-American Ford engineer, Robert Robinson, was recruited to work in the USSR. He had to stay there, against his will, for nearly 50 years.

Quiz of the Week: What's Belgium's fastest bird?

March 21, 2019 - 8:15pm
It's the weekly news quiz - have you been paying attention to what's been going on in the world during the past seven days?

How a bookshop wolf handles awkward customers

March 21, 2019 - 8:12pm
If you've ever worked in customer service, this comic about a wolf might resonate with you.

Yemen's ancient city where people escape civil war

March 21, 2019 - 8:08pm
Tens of thousands of Yemenis have died, but in amongst the conflict there is one place that’s prospering – the city of Marib.

A guide to Thailand's post-coup election

March 21, 2019 - 8:08pm
The country is split between pro-military forces and their opponents in the first vote since a 2014 coup.

Brexit: Three moments that raised a smile

March 21, 2019 - 7:37pm
Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Juncker updated reporters at a press conference which had some lighter moments.

Christchurch shootings: Tributes paid to the victims

March 21, 2019 - 6:47pm
The victims of the Christchurch mosque shootings have been remembered at events throughout the week.

Christchurch shootings: New Zealand to broadcast call to prayer

March 21, 2019 - 6:42pm
New Zealand holds a national day of reflection to mark a week since the Christchurch mosque attacks.

Five former Stasi members quizzed over Lockerbie bombing

March 21, 2019 - 4:51pm
Individuals who worked for the East German intelligence service have been questioned as part of the ongoing inquiry.

Game of Thrones: Emilia Clarke's brain surgery ordeal

March 21, 2019 - 4:50pm
"Every minute of every day I thought I was going to die," said the actor, who suffered two aneurysms.

Justin Trudeau apologises for eating chocolate during vote

March 21, 2019 - 4:46pm
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was caught eating a chocolate bar during a vote in parliament.

Coming soon... The Mueller Report

March 21, 2019 - 3:36pm
As the real-life US political drama nears its finale, here's a reminder of the saga's main characters.

Should black Americans get slavery reparations?

March 21, 2019 - 3:27pm
What's the history behind the controversial policy and what have 2020 presidential contenders said?

Swiss boy stabbed to death in Basel after school

March 21, 2019 - 2:35pm
A 75-year-old woman is arrested after the seven-year-old boy died in hospital after being attacked.

Millions of Facebook passwords exposed internally

March 21, 2019 - 2:30pm
Developers working for Facebook logged the passwords in plain text as they wrote code for the site.

The people killed as they prayed

March 21, 2019 - 2:25pm
The lives and stories of those killed in the two Christchurch mosque attacks.

Dr Jordan Peterson: Cambridge University fellowship rescinded

March 21, 2019 - 1:20pm
Dr Jordan Peterson's views on gender have been the subject of much criticism.

Golan Heights: US to recognise Israeli sovereignty over Syrian territory

March 21, 2019 - 1:10pm
Israel captured the strategically important plateau from Syria in the 1967 Middle East war.

Iraq ferry sinking: 'More than 70 dead' in Tigris river

March 21, 2019 - 12:51pm
Passengers were reportedly en route to a tourist island in Mosul amid Kurdish New Year celebrations.

Michel Temer: Brazil ex-president arrested in corruption probe

March 21, 2019 - 12:48pm
Michel Temer, who served from 2016 to 2018, denies accusations of corruption.