April 18, 2014

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Accreditation of 911 Dispatch Center recognized

Magistrates, dispatchers and emergency manager pose with a banner of celebration. Front row, from left: Dispatchers Carla Mains, Jackie Stephens, Teresa Rick, Angie Wright, L.R. Faulkner, Emergency Manager Mike Moore. Back row: Magistrates Alan Whaley, Gary Veirs, Bob Fogle, David Fields. Photo by Roger McKinney.

Severe Weather Awareness Week proclaimed

By Roger McKinney, Reporter

Pendleton County Emergency Manager Mike Moore addressed the judge and magistrates of the Pendleton County Fiscal Court concerning the completion of the accreditation process by the 911 Dispatch Center.

Homemade pizza dough by the Amish Cook

By Lovina Eicher

We are still having temperatures below zero on some mornings. We also received a few more inches of snow. The local paper said we have had 41.5 inches of snow this year and the average temperature has been zero. We are getting an idea of what life feels like in Alaska! There have been very few days that the temperature was warm enough for the children to go outside to enjoy the snow. On days that were warm enough they enjoyed sledding, building igloos, etc. The boys had Stormy the pony pulling several sleds. Lovina uses Minnie, our miniature pony, to pull her sled. Pulling a sled is a good way to exercise the ponies in the winter months.

Warm Up with Healthy Black and White Bean Chili
Do efforts to crack down on prescription drug abuse drive users to heroin?

Nearly 80% of recent heroin initiates started by misusing prescriptions

By Tessie Castillo, The Fix

Let’s face it. Our country has a pill problem. Some blame our prescription addiction on an aging population of baby boomers with pain needs. Others point to the frantic pace of work and home obligations that make it easier to pop a capsule than to embrace lifestyle changes. The pharmaceutical industry’s aggressive marketing efforts to doctors and patients likely play a role. But however our affair with pills developed, the relationship has turned deadly. Prescription painkiller use has skyrocketed 300% over the past decade, and currently more than 12 million Americans take pain relievers simply to get high. Equally disturbing, the dramatic growth in the availability of prescription opiates has mirrored a surge in heroin use. Nearly 80% of recent heroin initiates now start by misusing prescriptions.

Cockfighting enthusiasts angry with McConnell for supporting farm bill that stiffens penalties

Fields running for office of county judge


My name is David S. Fields and I would like to announce my candidacy for Pendleton County Judge Executive. It would be a great honor to be elected and to serve the constituents of this county.

Jack Caldwell announces candidacy for magistrate district four


I, Jack Caldwell, announce my candidacy for Magistrate District 4, which includes the precincts of Pendleton County Library, Oakland and Blanket Creek.

Sonny Caldwell announces candidacy for Pendleton County judge executive


To the citizens of Pendleton County.  For those who do not know me, my name is Sonny Caldwell. I am seeking your support as Pendleton County’s next judge executive.

McKee welcomes Pendleton County officials
Kentucky Farm Bureau celebrates “Food Check-Out Day”