April 24, 2014

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BBB tips on securing your personal data
PC magistrates welcomed in Frankfort
Public meetings set for proposal to lift boat motor restrictions on six small lakes

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources will hold a series of public meetings to discuss a proposal to lift motor restrictions on several small department-owned lakes in the state.

Bill to block Bluegrass Pipeline use of eminent domain advances to cheers

Legislative perspective on Kentucky General Assembly

With this year’s legislative session passing the halfway point last week, the pace of legislation moving between the House and Senate is set to pick up significantly in the days ahead.

Several bills have already cleared the General Assembly or are expected to soon.

An encounter with an alligator

Two cranes with their hatchling in the Wesleyan Village. Photo courtesy of Denny Taylor, Wesleyan Village.

Please allow some background so this encounter can be placed in some perspective.

Wesleyan Village where Janice and I reside during the winter is hardly a resort community. It was developed for Wesleyan ministers and missionaries…frugally and is operated frugally…nice on the pocketbook.

“Tax time”

In our society, come January, every good citizen’s major concern is to start preparing for the filing of his or her annual income taxes. The challenge is to try to get all calculations complete before the deadline of April 15. Canceled checks, receipts, and interest statements, are just a few of the items that cause stress and frustration.

Accreditation of 911 Dispatch Center recognized

Magistrates, dispatchers and emergency manager pose with a banner of celebration. Front row, from left: Dispatchers Carla Mains, Jackie Stephens, Teresa Rick, Angie Wright, L.R. Faulkner, Emergency Manager Mike Moore. Back row: Magistrates Alan Whaley, Gary Veirs, Bob Fogle, David Fields. Photo by Roger McKinney.

Severe Weather Awareness Week proclaimed

By Roger McKinney, Reporter

Pendleton County Emergency Manager Mike Moore addressed the judge and magistrates of the Pendleton County Fiscal Court concerning the completion of the accreditation process by the 911 Dispatch Center.

Homemade pizza dough by the Amish Cook

By Lovina Eicher

We are still having temperatures below zero on some mornings. We also received a few more inches of snow. The local paper said we have had 41.5 inches of snow this year and the average temperature has been zero. We are getting an idea of what life feels like in Alaska! There have been very few days that the temperature was warm enough for the children to go outside to enjoy the snow. On days that were warm enough they enjoyed sledding, building igloos, etc. The boys had Stormy the pony pulling several sleds. Lovina uses Minnie, our miniature pony, to pull her sled. Pulling a sled is a good way to exercise the ponies in the winter months.

Warm Up with Healthy Black and White Bean Chili