August 30, 2014

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The funeral of Myron Doan: What a way to go!

Members of Falmouth Rotary Club knew that Myron was sick, seriously sick, but we were unprepared for his sudden passing. Several from our Club had visited him in the hospital as did I on the evening he had his heart attack. I found him with a former cheerleader from Morehead State University (MSU), and he was alert, cordial, and lucid. When we learned later that he had taken a turn for the worse and was in a coma, we were shocked and became aware more than ever of our own mortality. At his funeral, we sat as a group close to the front of the assemblage in the gymnasium of PCHS.

PC Fiscal Court meeting agenda Print E-mail

Pendleton County Fiscal Court meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m., July 8, 2014. Tentative agenda will go as follows: Call to order, prayer, pledge, approval of agenda, approval of minutes, presentation of treasure's report, open bids limestone, dozing, hauling and use of equipment services, reappoint Terry Logan to Ambulance District Board, reappoint Randy Nordheim to Northern Pendleton Fire District, Rumpke Franchise Agreement bi-annual price adjustment, transfers, pay bills, closing remarks by Judge Bertram/magistrates and adjourn.

Try this delicious homemade zucchini scramble recipe by the Amish Cook

By Lovina Eicher

It is Thursday already and time to get this column out in today’s mail. It hardly seems like two weeks have passed since I penned the last column. I was very happy that daughter Verena offered to write last week in my place. She loves to write so she didn’t have a problem about not getting the length of the column written. It helped out so much that I didn’t have to take time out of our busy summer schedule to write. Sometimes I can write a column in just a matter of minutes. Then there are times when so much work awaits me that I find it difficult to concentrate on writing.

Shacking up: What’s the problem?

Focus: This is written primarily for those who cohabitate during child bearing age. Not hostilely conceived. Just to make the public aware of some of the issues facing all of us as this issue progresses.

I can remember when only low class persons shacked up, or more politely, cohabitated. I was speaking with a prominent man in an undisclosed location a few years past when I asked him how his daughter whom I had known via schools was doing. “She’s living with so and so,” he said without any hesitancy, implying that he saw nothing wrong with this development.

“Time Out”

Years ago when I was playing basketball and somehow had been overcome with fatigue, the coach would call “time out” and put in a substitute to take my place. This period gave me a chance to get my breath and recuperate. The time has now come for me to call for “time out” for a breather.

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