April 25, 2014

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Steffen announces his campaign for the 24th Senate District seat: Campbell County native serves as elementary school principal


Jason Steffen, a Campbell County native and elementary school principal, is announcing his campaign for the Kentucky 24th Senate District seat that covers Campbell, Pendleton and Bracken counties.

Steffen, 37, a Democrat who grew up in Fort Thomas and lives in Southgate, is the principal of Mary A. Goetz Elementary in Ludlow. This is his first campaign for elected office.

Support for smoke-free law in Kentucky continues to grow; 7 in 10 favor a ban

According to the 2013 Kentucky Health Issues Poll (KHIP), nearly 7 in 10 Kentucky adults (65 percent) favor a statewide smoke-free law, while fewer than 3 in 10 (29 percent) oppose such a law. Support for a law has consistently increased since the Kentucky Health Issues Poll first started asking the question in 2010. Northern Kentuckians are similar to the Commonwealth in support for a smoke free law. Twenty-six states and the District of Columbia have comprehensive smoke-free laws; Kentucky does not.

Plant ice resistant trees to assure their survival during the icy winter months in Kentucky

Winter storms that coat everything in layers of luminous ice leave a very beautiful but dangerous calling card. We know ice covered trees are susceptible to breakage from the added weight.

But if you take a look around your yard, how do you know which of your trees are more likely to give in to the devastation of ice layers?

Tips to help when the electricity goes out

With Winter Storm Hercules impacting more than 100 million people across multiple states, power outages could affect residents over the next few days. The nonprofit Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH) offers the following 19 tips to keep families safe and comfortable:

Scam alert concerning HMH Print E-mail


It has come to the attention of Harrison Memorial Hospital that individuals in the community are receiving phone calls from an 866-218-7985 number. With an automated call, identifying itself as "Harrison Memorial Hospital."

The hospital would like to  make it clear that these calls are NOT from Harrison Memorial Hospital. We are NOT requesting refills on medications. This is a scam!

For your protection, do not give any information and disconnect immediately! Never divulge  personal information.

If you have any questions, please free to contact Harrison Memorial Hospital Administration Department.

New Year Resolutions: How Can We Improve!

Dedicated to Janelle Gardner, By the Rabbi

I have heard many say that they did not make New Year resolutions because they were so easily broken that they simply (the breaking therof) reinforced bad feelings about themselves.

Admittedly, we often make resolutions about losing weight which is a tough one to keep, and the way we make the resolution often dooms us to failure. However, by turning the resolution into a goal we have a much better chance of succeeding.

"The Old Mare"

I haven't always liked horses. In fact there was a time in my life when I hated the beasts. During my early years while working on the family farm, Dad was one of the last farmers to purchase a tractor. We did all our farming with horses. While all the other boys in the community were driving up and down the road on tractors, I was driving horses. At that time, I really admired these boys and would have traded our team for anything that resembled a tractor. Today, I would give anything to have that team.

Resolve to find the "Quitter in You" and make 2014 the year for better health.

Right now is the best time to quit smoking. Get 2014 off to the best start by stopping smoking. It is the gift of better health that you give yourself.

The American Lung Association in Kentucky and Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield have joined together on "Quitter in You," a program to support all smokers in their efforts to quit smoking.

Warm the Family Up with this Mushroom Barley Soup
An oldie but goodie from The Amish Cook in years past

Editor's Introduction: Due to slow mail delivery, Lovina's column did not arrive in time for publication this week. But since this is a season of reflection and renewal I thought this would be a good time to go back into the archives and re-run two Amish Cook holiday columns from years past. The first column is from 1991, the second 1993. Wow, how life has changed since then! Personally, this period represented one of the happiest periods of my life. When you're in your early 20s is there really much not to be happy about? And Old Order Amish culture was in the twilight of its agrarian isolation. Amish culture, as much as it attempts to slow down the march of technology and preserve family and faith, has also changed a lot. So let's savor the season and enjoy these two journeys back to a simpler time. For those new to the column, it was written by Elizabeth Coblentz from 1991 - 2002. One of her daughters, Lovina Eicher, has written it since. Their writing styles are similar. Elizabeth pioneered a very accessible, straight forward voice. - Kevin Williams, Editor

By Elizabeth Coblentz, December 1991

Well, I'm searching my brain, trying to think what would logically be the next thing I could write about.