August 22, 2014

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Tips to improve your kitchen without renovating

Give your kitchen a fresh new look without breaking the bank. Photo courtesy of State Point Media.

The kitchen is perhaps the most functional room of any home, but often it doesn’t feel large enough or flexible enough. And great cooking starts with a comfortable kitchen.

Simple ways to spring into spring after a long winter

Finally, spring is here! Make the most of this time of year that promises renewal and reawakening after the short days and long nights of winter. Here are some suggestions to help you spring right into spring with a great attitude.


During the 1950s, a person could tell at first glance whether an individual was from the city or country.

Each had labels: a lad from the city was termed a “slicker” and a lad from the country was considered a “hick.” Obvious features such as gallused pants, brogan shoes, short-cropped hair, backward mannerisms, and a hillbilly twang, revealed a boy had country roots. The city boy sported longer hair, that usually looked wet, and combed back in “ducktails.” He rolled his jeans up at the cuff, carried his cigarettes in the sleeve of his T-shirt, and wore tennis shoes or penny loafers. Both types were insecure and uneasy when found in the other’s turf.

Burn up or freeze to death?

What’s the issue? Tom Harris, director of International Climate Science Coalition, in Canada states, “We do not actually know how much climate will change as carbon dioxide levels continue to rise. We do not even know whether warming or cooling lies ahead.”

Legislative perspective on Kentucky General Assembly

Winter weather may have cut short last week’s legislative session by a day, but that didn’t slow the Kentucky House of Representatives as it approved a wide range of bills – and readied for a vote this week on the state’s two-year budget.

Citizen’s gratitude toward recent Pendleton County events
Local citizen’s thoughts on public school safety
The Amish Cook makes homemade yeast doughnuts

By Lovina Eicher

We had 200 gallons of propane delivered here this morning. The price was $2.69 a gallon which is probably the most we have paid since we started using it. When we lived in Indiana we didn’t use propane. It makes one eager to see spring and the arrival of warmer weather. Also, with the days getting longer and staying daylight longer it will also help not to use the propane lights as much.

Six ways to beat allergies

From watery, itchy eyes to unbearable congestion, allergies can certainly ruin one’s day, or even the entire season. But, there’s no reason to remain indoors. Here are six allergy tips to get you outside this coming season.

Start Your Morning Right with Irish Soda Bread