April 18, 2014

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Resolve to find the "Quitter in You" and make 2014 the year for better health.

Right now is the best time to quit smoking. Get 2014 off to the best start by stopping smoking. It is the gift of better health that you give yourself.

The American Lung Association in Kentucky and Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield have joined together on "Quitter in You," a program to support all smokers in their efforts to quit smoking.

Warm the Family Up with this Mushroom Barley Soup
An oldie but goodie from The Amish Cook in years past

Editor's Introduction: Due to slow mail delivery, Lovina's column did not arrive in time for publication this week. But since this is a season of reflection and renewal I thought this would be a good time to go back into the archives and re-run two Amish Cook holiday columns from years past. The first column is from 1991, the second 1993. Wow, how life has changed since then! Personally, this period represented one of the happiest periods of my life. When you're in your early 20s is there really much not to be happy about? And Old Order Amish culture was in the twilight of its agrarian isolation. Amish culture, as much as it attempts to slow down the march of technology and preserve family and faith, has also changed a lot. So let's savor the season and enjoy these two journeys back to a simpler time. For those new to the column, it was written by Elizabeth Coblentz from 1991 - 2002. One of her daughters, Lovina Eicher, has written it since. Their writing styles are similar. Elizabeth pioneered a very accessible, straight forward voice. - Kevin Williams, Editor

By Elizabeth Coblentz, December 1991

Well, I'm searching my brain, trying to think what would logically be the next thing I could write about.

“Observations 2013”

Where has the year gone? It just seems like last month we were preparing for Christmas and New Year’s 2012. I have always heard old people comment about how time flies. Now I know!

2013 has been most ‘Rewarding’ for me as a lay writer. One cannot imagine the pleasure I have received upon meeting a reader in town or elsewhere and receiving the comment, “Marvin, I really liked your article. Marvin did that really happen? I really got a laugh out of your last piece.”

Happiness? Some Factors

“Collins,” he said disconsolately, “Money is a nuisance!” He did not elaborate. I grinned at him as we finished our meal and waited for the program to begin.

He was an elderly gentleman who always seemed to have a cocked-hat chuckle and I was very fond of his company. I knew that he had lived frugally and had made a lucrative investment late in life.  Both he and I had grown up when times were hard economically. We were taught to work hard and save and invest. To discipline ourselves in terms of purchases. To care for our family and pass onto our children whatever was left. At the same time we were taught to keep material things in perspective. To realize that the measure of one’s life consisted of far more than things. To give responsibly to the church and other reliable charities.

The Bluegrass Pipeline: If it leaks, all bets are off

Dear Editor,

I have enjoyed reading the letters of people in our county who are very much in favor of the Bluegrass Pipeline project. They rightly point out the financial advantages of this project and its relationship to the overall energy future of our state and our nation. Of course I happen to disagree seeing rather the potentially devastating outcomes posed by a simple leak, let alone an explosion.

Falmouth Festival Committee gives special thanks

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the Falmouth Festival Committee and the city of Falmouth, we would like to graciously give thanks to all of the sponsors of our "Home For the Holidays" parade and fundraising event that was held on November 30, 2013. If not for the generous hearts and donations from each and every one of you, this would not have been possible.

Senator Stine announces Heroin Legislation

Sen. Katie Stine Speaks about new Heroin Legislation. She is flanked by Attorney General Jack Conway and Rep. John Tilley.

Bill provides three-pronged approach to fighting heroin addiction and trafficking

Senate President Pro Tem Katie Stine stood before members of her district, local and state officials and media to announce a new piece of bipartisan legislation that will offer a three pronged approach to stop the scourge of heroin abuse that is ravaging Northern Kentucky and moving quickly across the commonwealth.

BBB offers tips on returns and exchanges

Each year, Better Business Bureau receives calls after the holidays from upset consumers who are stuck with items they cannot return. This holiday season, BBB wants to remind consumers to know their rights. BBB offers this advice on returns/exchanges:

kynect milestone: 100,000 enrollees reached

Private health plans up 121 percent since Thanksgiving week

The 100,000th Kentuckian has enrolled in health insurance thanks to kynect, the state’s health benefit exchange, continuing the surge of interest and applications for health insurance since Thanksgiving. If premiums are paid on time, coverage will begin for these enrolled Kentuckians on Jan. 1.