July 30, 2014

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Bedford House tenants plead management to think twice about the new non-smoking rule
PC Fiscal Court meeting agenda Print E-mail

Pendleton County Fiscal Court meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m., April 22, 2014.

Tentative agenda will go as follows: Call to order, prayer, pledge, approval of agenda, approval of minutes, approval of treasure's report, contract with recreation commission, school system, city of Falmouth and county to provide recreation at the athletic park for 2014-15, second reading of addressing ordinance amendment, first reading of County Budget Ordinance for 2014-15, approve Justice Center Maintenance Contract with De-Bra Kemple with two percent CPI increase, approve Justice Center Janitorial Contract with Scioto with two percent CPI increase, approve Justice Center Grounds Keeping Contract with Joe Rockhead with two percent CPI increase, approve Budget and Mapping Contract with NKAPC for 2014-15, Airport Board appointment-Charles Pyles, transfers, pay bills, closing remarks by Judge Bertram/magistrates and adjourn.

Reese’s pudding by the Amish Cook

By Lovina Eicher

April is here, bringing us warmer temperatures. Monday was nice and warm. We hung all the laundry outside on the lines. By evening all of it was dry. How nice to be able to wash the clothes and put them away the same day. It is laundry day again today but it doesn’t look like we will be able to hang the clothes outside. It is rainy and very windy. I’m wondering if we could have a thunderstorm yet today. The frost in the ground is leaving more every day so hopefully it will be okay to get some early garden planted a few weeks from now. Time will tell if the winter weather is over with.

April is National Child Abuse Prevention month
Board responds to resident's "outsourcing" letter
Resident disappointed with idea of “outsourcing”
Citizen thanks City Council
“The Manure Spreader”

Farming is much different now than it was in the 1950s. Today’s farmer has every type of equipment or piece of machinery needed for a job. I know there are still many jobs that require hand and back labor, but many years ago practically all work required hand and manual labor. I think one of the best pieces of equipment that we had when I was growing up was the manure spreader.

Make Room on Your Menu for Stuffed Leg of Lamb
Jesus carrying His cross on the Via Dolorosa

A few years past, I was on a trip to the Holy Land and stood with members of our group where Pilate had asked the question “What is truth?” As he sought to wash his hands from condemning Jesus to die on the cross. But the Jews demanded that Jesus die rather than Barabbas who was a murderer and a robber.