April 23, 2014

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Getting your family to eat healthier snacks

Healthy snacks help ensure your family is getting the vitamins and nutrients they need.

With so much junk food available on store shelves these days, it’s important to take a step back from time-to-time and evaluate what you feed your family. Snack time in particular is when a lot great parents serve up some not-so-great offerings.

Sen. Stine urging for action on Senate Bill 5

Aside from the normal course of business in the Senate, I was honored this week with a legislative award from the Real Estate Appraisers of Kentucky and also the Kentucky Association of Realtors who presented me with the Jess and Carolyn Kinman Award. I appreciate both of these honors.

Spring forest fire hazard season is underway

John Steele files for re-election for PVA


John Steele has filed for re-election to the Office of The Property Valuation Administrator for Pendleton County. John has been serving as Pendleton County Property Valuation Administer since February 2000. He has worked intensely to improve and develop many aspects of the Pendleton County PVA office. Some of the major improvements over the years include the modernization of the county office.

Paul announces candidacy for re-election


I would like to take this opportunity to announce my candidacy for re-election to the office of Circuit Judge, Family Court Division, 18th Judicial Circuit including Harrison, Nicholas, Pendleton and Robertson counties.  As some of you know I have been your Family Court Judge for a little more than five (5) years.  Family Court cases are Divorce, Custody, Domestic Violence, Abuse/neglect of children, Adoption and other related matters.

McKee recognized for his work by Ky. Non-Profit Network
Snowman on West Shelby St. Print E-mail

This photographer found another snowman on West Shelby Street next to Back Inn Time. Some children have been busy with all the snow fall we have accumulated. Photo by D. Dennie

Legislative perspective on Kentucky General Assembly

In the month of January, the House Agriculture and Small Business Committee that I chair devoted a lot of attention to the anticipated passage of the federal Farm Bill.  On Friday, that legislation completed its journey when the president signed it into law.

This five-year package gives us a comprehensive farm policy that will strengthen the safety net for farmers in Kentucky and across the nation as they work to continue giving us a safe and affordable food supply.

What’s the worth of a person?

“How much was he worth?” The old farmer queried, as he sat close to the pot-bellied stove in the country store. The store owner narrowed his eyes and stared long and hard out the window as if mentally gathering evidence for his reply concerning the passing of a well known citizen of this community. He pursed his lips and replied, “I’d say…..at least….$75,000!” He exhaled in a sigh of admiration and envy. “At least that much,” he appended. I was a high school student when I heard this interchange; today $75,000 would be the equivalent of a million dollars, or more.


Some may say that adhering to basic rules of etiquette is only for the rich class, but for me, I believe that manners is that cog that separates the civilized from the barbaric. Every society has rules of conduct by which to live. If there were no rules, we would surely have chaos. Etiquette seems to smooth the rough areas of life and bring about harmony to people and their relationships.