August 21, 2014

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By Gloria Yoder

Another week has swiftly passed.

Friday evening was a highlight for me. Everyone in church was invited to participate in an informal singing at the school house. Throughout the evening several men shared some inspirational thoughts. Something that stood out for me was what a brother said about having hectic lifestyles and schedules. He challenged us to examine our lives to see whether we have a Jesus schedule or if we weren’t too busy to take time for what really counts in life. Afterwards we had some scrumptious snacks. Each of us  brought a finger food so we had an excellent variety to choose from.

Veterans Benefits Office opening in Maysville

Mason County will become the latest Kentucky county with in-person benefits assistance to local veterans and their families.

“We want to ensure that every veteran in Kentucky has access to a benefits counselor close to home,” said Heather French Henry, commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs (KDVA).  “This new office makes it easier for Mason County veterans to get that assistance.”

Five reasons why you may want to replace your old AC this fall

Before you turn off your AC system for the season, consider having it checked out by a certified contractor. If it’s older or has been giving you problems, you might want to replace it.

“It may not be top of mind, but fall is actually the ideal time to think about your home’s cooling system,” says climate technology experts.

Tips for a more environmentally friendly yard

It’s easy to make your home more eco-friendly, and your yard is a great place to start. This season, take steps to limit your home’s impact on the local environment by giving your outdoor spaces an earth-friendly makeover.

Earn an A+ with this Easy Dinner, Parmesan Chicken Pops
The story of a dog who won’t quit

Last Saturday, I employed two young men to help me with some hard labor on our seven acres in northern Pendleton County. I supervised as they uprooted some railroad ties, scattered gravel as our preferred mulch material, trimmed shrubs, washed our truck, and planted some fall crops of cabbage and broccoli in our vegetable garden. One of the young men had departed at 3 p.m., and the other young man, Paul Feldkamp, and I continued to work until after 6 p.m.

Robin Williams, a tragic ending to a beautiful life

In the end, comic relief wasn't enough for the man who provided it to untold millions.

If early reports are correct, on Monday, August 11 comedian/actor/motormouth genius Robin Williams became one of the roughly 39 thousand Americans who die by suicide each year, roughly someone every 13 minutes. Mr. Williams' media representative said he had been battling depression, a serious mental illness that affects about 25 million people every year (only half receive treatment for it), and stories also noted that he recently had checked himself back into rehab over concerns about his sobriety.

National Thrift Shop Day, August 17

Are you ready for a fun day of some great bargain shopping? Then this Sunday is the day because each year on August 17, National Thrift Shop Day is celebrated across the United States.

A thrift shop (also known as a thrift store, charity shop, hospice shop or resale shop) is a retail establishment typically run by a charitable organization to raise money to be used in accord with the organization’s stated charitable purpose.

Energy saving tips for your home

The following column is from Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway.

Summer is here, prompting many of us to adjust the air conditioning in our homes. However, dialing down the thermostat too much during the summer months can result in costly energy bills and for many Kentuckians, every dollar saved can make a difference when trying to make ends meet.

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