August 28, 2014

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We live in an age in which it is almost impossible to get today’s teenagers to understand that there is a strong correlation between money and work. They have difficulty in realizing that the harder one works the more money he makes; the harder one studies in school the higher his marks should be; and, that credit cards and checks do not magically produce cash.

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“Drive-In” Print E-mail

Entertainment for Americans throughout history, and especially this century, has been and continues to be extremely important. In the 1900s recreation centered on churches and school.  Social functions surfaced in the form of pie and box suppers, revival services, school plays, games, and just family and neighborhood gatherings. The bulk of the population was not afforded the luxury of travel and therefore had to seek the people and experiences of other cultures and places through books. They later were able to use another media. This media came about with the invention of the moving picture show. People were able to see and hear individuals of other cultures that were heretofore impossible. Both men and women could have vicarious romances with beauties of Hollywood and never leave their home towns.

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“Glimpses of Politics” Print E-mail

Those who are seeking public office are now making final appeals at trying to win votes and influence people. I once believed that politics only affected a few people, but I have come to discover that politics touch the lives of everyone.

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Millions of Americans are observing Lent Print E-mail

Approximately 250 million Christians in America will be observing Lent this spring, according to the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA). Lent, which runs from March through much of April, takes place during the 40 days before Easter.

Tips to improve your kitchen without renovating Print E-mail

Give your kitchen a fresh new look without breaking the bank. Photo courtesy of State Point Media.

The kitchen is perhaps the most functional room of any home, but often it doesn’t feel large enough or flexible enough. And great cooking starts with a comfortable kitchen.

Simple ways to spring into spring after a long winter Print E-mail

Finally, spring is here! Make the most of this time of year that promises renewal and reawakening after the short days and long nights of winter. Here are some suggestions to help you spring right into spring with a great attitude.

“Citified” Print E-mail

During the 1950s, a person could tell at first glance whether an individual was from the city or country.

Each had labels: a lad from the city was termed a “slicker” and a lad from the country was considered a “hick.” Obvious features such as gallused pants, brogan shoes, short-cropped hair, backward mannerisms, and a hillbilly twang, revealed a boy had country roots. The city boy sported longer hair, that usually looked wet, and combed back in “ducktails.” He rolled his jeans up at the cuff, carried his cigarettes in the sleeve of his T-shirt, and wore tennis shoes or penny loafers. Both types were insecure and uneasy when found in the other’s turf.


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