August 30, 2014

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They inhabit small towns such as Falmouth and large cities like Cincinnati and Chicago. They’re not restricted to any one particular race. They are composed of white, black, Latino and others. Our government is responsible for their creation and existence, and as far as my small mind can forecast there is no solution for the problem if current procedures are maintained. I, by no means, am making fun. In fact, I feel sorry for their plight and handicap.

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This topic is a little old fashioned or one that took place back in an earlier generation when most country guys and maybe gals some way or other remember that “first kiss.” In most cases, it was a simple little ‘peck,’ very mysterious, impressive and quite memorable.

Most of these ole’ country boys my age were naive, insecure and very much uninformed on techniques of romance. As a lad of fourteen, I became interested in the opposite sex, but was a little confused on how to proceed. I knew the initial step began with a kiss, but had concerns about when and with whom this first step would be taken.

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I was walking down my road the other day and observed a long black mark on the road where someone had burned rubber. The marks extended for probably, one hundred feet. If I were estimating the cost of such an exhibit, I would say that the cost would probably be 25 to 50 dollars.  Some young person’s mommy and daddy had to pick up the cost, because a driver with that mentality certainly would not have any money. The driver needed a lesson in frugality.

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An undertaker may be an individual who takes it upon himself to complete a task. In our society an undertaker is one whose business is to prepare the deceased for burial and to arrange and manage funerals.

This profession is very necessary, valuable and important. One has to be qualified with knowledge in the category of a doctor and counseling skills of a psychologist. He or she must have the compassion to extend comfort, care and love to folks who are hurting in the time of the loss of a loved one.

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Disability may be defined as the inability to pursue an occupation because of a physical or mental impairment.

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