August 29, 2014

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"The Country Doctor" Print E-mail

Young folks may be a bit confused when one tries to describe a ‘country doctor.’ The closest picture I can give is ‘Doc Adams’ on the old TV western show “Gunsmoke.” Doc was pleasant, honest, and always ready to help every time a woman was having a baby, when a father had been kicked by a mule and ended up with a broken leg, or a child with a case of pneumonia or whooping cough.  He was always called after a gunfight to attend the wounded or dead.

Just a Pinch - Pecan Perfection - Tiny Pecan Pies Print E-mail
Sadie Hawkins Day, November 13 Print E-mail

Sadie Hawkins Day, which is always on November 13, is a holiday that originated from a cartoon. In Li'l Abner, Sadie Hawkins was the daughter of one of Dogpatch's earliest settlers, Hekzebiah Hawkins. The "homeliest gal in all them hills," she grew frantic waiting for suitors to come 'a-courtin.' When she reached the age of 35, still a spinster, her father was even more frantic - about Sadie living at home for the rest of her life. In desperation, he called together all the unmarried men of Dogpatch and declared it "Sadie Hawkins Day." Specifically, a foot race was decreed, with Sadie in hot pursuit of the town's eligible bachelors - and matrimony as the consequence. It seems likely that the concept's origins lie in an inversion of the myth of Atalanta, who, reluctant to marry, agreed to wed whoever could outrun her in a footrace.

Game day party tips for football fans Print E-mail

Entertaining this football season? To make your gatherings memorable, you’ll need to do more than just turn on the game and hope for the best. With the right party plays, you can treat your guests to a spirited game day and a memorable football feast.

New twists on a classic holiday celebration Print E-mail

Thanksgiving traditionally marks the beginning of the holiday season. Ever since the Gimbel Brothers Department Store in Philadelphia put up the first Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1920, this decade became well known as the golden era of celebration, revelry and joy.

Thousands of children need homes Print E-mail

Every year, more than 100,000 children in foster care are available for adoption. Many spend more than five years waiting for permanent, loving homes, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Just a Pinch - Taste Fall in Every Bite, Pumpkin Cranberry Bread Print E-mail
"Skip" Print E-mail

I have known a Black man called ‘Skip’ for some 50 plus years. I have to think a bit at times and recall that his proper name is Ralph Edward Taylor.  ‘Skip’ is like myself, “he is not perfect and he would not want me to give you the idea that he is without fault.”

The last few years that I have observed him I think he has the physical likeness of the great American abolitionist Frederick Douglas. He has a wonderful family and has been an asset to every community where he has lived.

Time saving tips to prep your home for the holidays Print E-mail

During the holiday season, you’ll likely be spending more time indoors. While getting your home ready for the fun is important, making the process smooth and easy can help you focus on family, friends and the spirit of the season.

Here are some holiday prep tips that will save you time and energy:

"A Day in the Life of Diabetes" calls for public support Print E-mail

Shown here is NASCAR driver, Ryan Reed, with #16, which will be wrapped with photos from the mosaic representing "A Day in the Life of Diabetes" and will be featured in his November 9, 2013 race in Phoenix during American Diabetes Month.

In 2012, the America Diabetes Association launched a socially focused initiative for American Diabetes Month called "A Day in the Life of Diabetes", to demonstrate the impact diabetes has on families and communities across the country. In 2013, the American Diabetes Association will continue to grow the campaign with a host of online and offline program elements. The movement to Stop Diabetes® is not over and the Association will continue to call for individuals to take a public stand via the Association's social media channels and other online properties, to support this movement.


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