September 2, 2014

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“Basketball Changes” Print E-mail

I have always liked basketball. Back in the old days this sport was the only key for a young country guy to escape into the exciting world of the heroes. When we had the opportunity to play we felt like gladiators as we ran onto the court to match skills with our opposition. Even though the spectators were fewer and the gyms were smaller, this event was the highlight of our existence. This game marked an extension of our community and school and both spectator and participant felt pride and took part in the action.

“Dangers” Print E-mail

Man has been fascinated with danger since the beginning of time. This trait is displayed in the lives of humans every day. Why else would man strive to go 300 miles per hour in a vehicle, climb a high mountain, fight lions and tigers, charm poisonous snakes, be awed by shocking rides at theme parks, swim in shark infested waters and risk losing his happy home by cheating on his wife?

Simply Irresistible Creamy Almond Bars Print E-mail
Great turkey recipe just in time for Thanksgiving Day Print E-mail


Rosanna is Old German Baptist Brethren and lives in rural Kansas. Rosanna, age 25, is an organic farmer, writer and teacher who writes a weekly column for each Wednesday. The Brethren church is similar to the Amish in many ways, but they are more permissive with technology and photography. Rosanna and her family also raise turkeys for Thanksgiving.

Rosanna's family recipe for turkey is simple:

Mix Up Your Holiday Meal with Cranberry Roast Chicken Print E-mail
A Bountiful Thanksgiving Tradition Celebration Print E-mail

Tucked between the two monster sized holidays of Halloween and Christmas, Thanksgiving receives far less attention. But Thanksgiving is a very important holiday, especially in the busy lives of Americans.

"Turkey Talk" Print E-mail

When November rolls around, turkey becomes more than just another option at the deli counter.

Figuring the turkey-to-person ratio Print E-mail

Once turkey weight is determined, then be sure to use a thermometer to accurately tell when the bird is cooked correctly.

Thanksgiving holds different meanings to different people. Some feel it is a day for being generous or giving thanks through unselfish deeds. Others feel it is a time to sit around with family sharing stories of the year. Still many others simply look forward to the day for football. No matter how you view Thanksgiving, one thing is for sure, filling up on turkey is an integral part of the holiday.

“Hypocrisy” Print E-mail

All of us are probably guilty in one way or other of being a bit hypocritical. One could ‘boil down’ the meaning as, “An attempt to be what one is not,” or putting on a false appearance of virtue or religion.

We find pleasure in directing this weakness on politicians, preachers, school teachers or anyone who is visible and is caught in a weak moment.

Easy-to-follow holiday entertaining checklist Print E-mail

One of the best parts about holiday entertaining is spending quality time with friends and family. If you’re rushing around trying to cook and prepare everything, your food may taste great, but you’re missing out on a key element of the season -- togetherness.


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