July 28, 2014

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Finding a tax preparer Print E-mail
Views on National School Choice Week Print E-mail

U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell recognized National School Choice Week in the Congressional Record and with an op-ed in Kentucky newspapers.

Minimum wage increase might kill Kentucky jobs Print E-mail

By Tod Griffin, Kentucky Retail Federation

Kentucky lawmakers are considering HB 1, a proposal to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour over a three-year period. Proponents of the measure cling to the myth that minimum wage increases are a way to address poverty. The sad truth is that a minimum wage increase fails miserably as an anti-poverty policy.  In fact, increases in the minimum wage reduce jobs and job opportunities especially for young, minority and low-skilled workers. Study after study shows that minimum wage increases cost jobs and stifle job creation.  But we don’t need academic studies to know that. Common sense tells us that if you increase the cost of something, demand decreases. Raise the cost of gas and people buy less gas. Raise the cost of movie tickets and people go to fewer movies. Raise the cost of employing someone and employers will employ fewer workers.

Legislative perspective on Kentucky General Assembly Print E-mail

When the General Assembly meets in even-numbered years, the governor appears twice before the House and Senate during the opening days of the legislative session. The first time is the State of the Commonwealth address, which lays out a vision for the future, and the second comes two weeks later, when the governor focuses on how the state can pay for it.

Sen. Katie Stine reviews Kentucky congressional week Print E-mail

After observing Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on Monday, the Legislature continued its work that included a Tuesday evening joint session between the House and the Senate to receive the governor’s budget address.

Coleman announces his campaign for county judge executive Print E-mail


Andrew Coleman, a Pendleton County native, is announcing his campaign for county judge executive. Coleman, 47, a democrat, is a social studies teacher at Pendleton County High School.  This is his first campaign for an elected office.

Harris announces candidacy for sheriff Print E-mail


Hi, my name is William D. Harris and I am announcing my candidacy for Pendleton County Sheriff.

Republican Deb Sheldon files to follow Katie Stine in State Senate Print E-mail

Republican Deb Sheldon (left) has filed her paperwork with the Kentucky Secretary of State and will enter the Republican primary. She is running for the State Senate.

Race pits lifelong Republican and Army veteran against trial attorney

Lifelong Republican Deb Sheldon filed paperwork with the Kentucky Secretary of State on January 28 to formally enter the Republican primary to follow retiring State Senate Pro Temp Katie Stine.

Kentucky Labor Cabinet warns employers of increased risk of carbon monoxide poisoning Print E-mail

Wintry weather and extremely cold temperatures mean an increased chance of cases involving carbon monoxide poisoning in the workplace. When fuel-burning equipment or tools are used in buildings or in semi-enclosed spaces without ventilation, workers can become ill or die from carbon monoxide poisoning.

“Carbon monoxide is so dangerous because it doesn’t have an odor or a taste,” said Kentucky Labor Cabinet Secretary Larry Roberts. “It becomes an increased hazard when workplaces start shutting windows and doors to keep out the cold weather.”

Medical Directory 2014 Print E-mail


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