July 24, 2014

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Dear Editor
Morgan Church helps clean up litter Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

The Morgan Christian Church joined in the National Cleanup Day by picking garbage up along Hwy 330.

We had a total of 22 members from the church to participate. We collected 55 bags of garbage and four tires. The road was pretty much clean along barns and tall grasses that had not been mowed.

We like to say "thank you" for giving us this opportunity to participate in this fundraiser for our church, we truly appreciate it.

Steve Wood


Unity youth helps clean the highway Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

Unity Baptist Youth Group, along with dedicated parents, picked up trash on Center Ridge Road on Sunday, October 28. We had a total of 14 bags of trash. Ten of those bags were picked up on the hills going to the bridge or at the bridge. It was amazing to see all the fast food trash like McDonalds, Arby's, White Castle, Pizza Hut, Sonic (how long did the package travel in that vehicle before it was thrown out the window?) bottles and cans. We would like to challenge the people who travel the roads of Pendleton County; don't use our roads for trash cans.

Thank you,

Beverly Davis
Unity Baptist Church


Knoxville Christian cleans up HWY 467 Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

We had the task of litter clean up on HWY 467, on October 21, 2012. It was a beautiful day with the fall colors. We had 24 workers so it didn't take us very long to get the job done.

Pendleton County's a nice place to live. We would like to thank everyone for keeping our roads free from litter.

Thanks again,

Harold Kells


Citizen urges voters to consider Lutz Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

This is a letter of endorsement for Bryan Lutz for Kentucky State Representative for the 78th District. This district includes precincts in Campbell, Harrison, Pendleton and Robertson counties.

I recommend that all voters consider voting for Bryan to represent them in this important state representative district.

I can say "as to Bryan's goals for this district and the Commonwealth of Kentucky, I am in total one accord with him. In general all his positions  are based on biblical principles  and neither  Brian nor I make any apologies for these principles."

For anyone who wants to explore Bryan's platform he is available to discuss his goals and positions by phoning him at 859-379-5303 or one can go to his web site at www.BRYAN LUTZ2012.com.

Bryan and his supporters have as a goal to visit every home in the 78th District. I walked the streets of Butler, Kentucky with Bryan recently and I relate two stories.

1)  A gentleman  who was a senior citizen invited us into his home to discuss Bryan's positions and we spent probably 15 minutes  talking with this gentleman about a number of topics especially his service to our country as a member of the armed services and his love for Butler, Pendleton County, the State of Kentucky and our nation.

2) Since I am very familiar  with the River Valley Nursing Home, I suggested that we pay a visit there. The administrator welcomed Bryan and then he invited Bryan to visit some of the residents, not to campaign, but just to let the residents know that someone cared about them. Bryan conveyed to me how satisfying he felt after the visit and encouraged by the care the residents were receiving by the staff at River Valley.

Bryan is someone that I described as "The real deal" (very transparent in today's language) and I encourage every voter in the 78th State Representative District to give serious consideration to his candidacy.

Sincerely, Dave Shipp


The power of just one single vote is very powerful Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

The power of just one single vote  has often  been shown throughout history. The course of nations has been changed because one important vote was cast or not cast. The following are some examples of the importance of one single vote:

In 1645, One vote gave Oliver Cromwell  control of England.

In 1649, One vote caused Charles I of England to be executed.

In 1776, Congress passed by one vote that American's official language should be English and not German.

In 1800, Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr deadlocked  on electoral votes with 73 each.  After 37 separate  ballots in the House of Representatives, a Federalist changed his one vote in favor of Thomas Jefferson.

In 1839, One vote margin elected Marcus Morton governor of Massachusetts.

In 1845, One vote margin brought Texas into the Union.

In 1846, President James Polk asked Congress for a Declaration  of War against Mexico.  That one vote margin for War not only brought us victory but it also got us the territory which is now Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah and California.

In 1850 to 1890, One vote admitted California, Oregon, Washington and Idaho into the Union.

In 1868, President Andrew Johnson missed being impeached  by one single vote.

In 1875 France became a Republic  instead of a Monarchy by just one single vote.

In 1876, Samuel Tilden won the presidential election  by over a half million votes over Rutherford  B. Hayes. But because of confused returns in some states, a special commission  decided by a single vote, Hayes the winner.

In 1912, Less than one vote per precinct, in one state, elected Woodrow Wilson president_ In 1923, One vote made Adolf Hitler head of the Nazi Party.

In 1941, One vote saved the selective service just weeks before Pearl Harbor.

In 1948, If Thomas Dewey had received one more vote in each precinct in Ohio and California,  his race with Harry Truman would have been decided in the House of Representatives.

In 1960, John Kennedy beat Richard Nixon for president by less than one vote per precinct.

In 1969, A change of one vote per precinct in three states would have made Hubert Humphrey president instead of Richard Nixon.

In 1982, In Illinois, Governor  Thompson  defeated Adlai Stevenson  by less than 1/2 a vote per precinct.

The George W. Bush victory over Al Gore in Florida was very slim which decided the presidency.

Remember, if all you do is vote, you are doing more than 50% of the American public. November 6 is the general  election in Kentucky and your one vote can make a difference.

It has been stated, "that all tbat needs to happen for  the forces  of evil to win is for good  people  to do nothing."

Does your vote count....you bet your "free" life on it!

Lloyd Rogers


It's time to make decisions as election time draws nearer Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

Election time is getting closer and it is time to really think about who to vote for. I am supporting President Obama only as the lesser of two evils. I don't feel he has done anything good for our country in four years, but I also don't think he will do as much damage as his opponent will do. I did not feel either one of them had anything of value to say in the last debate, with one exception.  When asked the "AK-47 question, President Obama pointed out that it is more important to go after the cause of the gun violence, than go after the   guns.  As for Governor Romney, when he started talking about his economic plan, and his ideas for manipulating the tax system to help our economy, it just sounded confusing. I understood what he was saying, I am just confused about how it will help. It won't!

As for more problems with Romney, I heard him say he will not raise taxes. While this is a statement that could get him elected, I just wonder if I should read his lips when he says that.  { Reference: Former President George H Bush Campaign. (Older folks explain it to the younger ones.)}  Mitt Romney has been heard saying that he is not worried about poor people because there are things in place to take care of them. I guess he must be talking about homeless shelters and soup kitchens that they have in the big cities. There is also the comment he made about 47% of Americans that he does not care about and will do nothing for.  That leaves 53% that he may do something for.

Are you one of the 53%? How can you be sure? What if you think you are, and it turns out Mitt Romney doesn't?  Do you want to take that chance? Finally on the 47% statement, I would like to point out that whoever is elected is the president of all Americans, not just his chosen few.

When either candidate talks about middle class Americans, they seem to usually use a dollar figure of around $200,000.00 to $250,000.00 a year. How far off from reality are these rich people? How many average working people do you know that make that much?     I think all politicians need a reality check when it comes to money.

Remember to vote. Every vote counts. I just wish we could vote for the best candidate, instead of the lesser of two evils.

Daniel Insko


Citizen complaint against Northern Pendleton FD Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

I am sending you this letter because I have written a similar one to Northern Pendleton Fire Chief and as of this date he has not responded. I also sent James Daly and Mr. Hart a copy of that letter.

On May 21, 2012, I called 911 and N. Pendleton Fire Dept. squad responded along with Pendleton Co. paramedics. My husband, Dennis, had a heart attack. His symptoms were pain in his left shoulder blade running down his left arm; he felt extremely hot, dizzy/shaking uncontrollably and was grey around his mouth. Denny is 66 years old but in normal circumstances, looks 10 years younger.  On this day, he looked like a 95 yr. old man and was treated as such.

The paramedics were disregarded by N. Pendleton Co. Fire Dept. and I had to tell their crew three times that this was not normal for Dennis, he needs to go to St. E. South. They had said his vitals were normal and kept asking  a man having a heart attack (three times) if he thought he needed to go to the hospital just to be checked out. Dennis was finally asked if he could stand up to get on the cot by himself, which he did. The people N. Pendleton Co. Fire Dept. sent could not load him; he weighs 180 lbs.!!! They thought he may have been overheated since he had been on a ladder cleaning the gutters. I am not trained in any medical field with the exception of being CPR certified. When Dennis called me at work and told me his symptoms, I suspected a heart attack, although he had never before had heart problems.. I told him to take 2-3 aspirin, sit down; I was only 20 minutes away. N. Pendleton Fire Dept. finally transported him to St. E. South.

The hospital was very busy; a nurse started doing her job and suddenly there were seven people working on my husband. Dr. Jordan said, “Mr. Trimble, you are having a heart attack, we are taking you to surgery”. I heard a nurse say “Northern Pendleton brought him in and they don’t have one”. What is it that N. Pendleton Co. Fire Dept. does not have for a heart attack patient?

Dennis still has an artery that is 50% blocked; what if this happens again? We live on the Falmouth/Butler line, most people think we are Butler; we are not! I realize that re-districting is out of the question, if not, please put us in the Pendleton Co. District where they have paramedics. Another suggestion is: if I call 911, send your squad but, if the situation is as serious as the one on May 21, 2012, your crew relinquish their rights and let the paramedics decide what treatment will be given to the patient. Paramedics do have more credentials than EMT’s. Please advise us if this won’t work, we intend to self-transport to Falmouth.

I feel we were trapped in a politically motivated situation which could have cost my husband his life. Being territorial in a life or death situation is not good politics to me. I have received a bill for your service and we are refusing to pay it. Our home owner’s insurance (Farm Bureau, Steve Ammerman) has paid $498.05 (which should be refunded) to N.P. Co. Fire Dept. and they want $124.52 more for a Taxi Cab??? We didn’t need a ride, we needed HELP!!!

Pat Trimble


Voting by convictions on Election Day, a local man's plea Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

As our election day approaches I have become more and more aware of how this Nation is in great Jepordy of become "extinct;" morally, socially and spirituality.

Our founding fathers sought the guidance and power of Almighty God to set this Nation apart from all others on this earth. "We the people," as it is written in our Declaration of Independence; "hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unwaiverable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness-"

These truths leave, or should leave no doubt in anyone of a sound mind, that "life" has been illegally taken from a game of American citizens. This "group" of Americans is our Nations's unborn, of which well over 56 million human beings, not an animal, foul or fishes "fetus" as some would have us believe, have been violently "ripped" from their mother's womb and then "cast aside" as if they were filthy rags!

This is contrary to nature, contrary to God's laws and should be contrary in the hearts of all American citizens.

I have heard many so called Christians say that they will vote  for those political candidates that support pro-choice, gay "rights" and "same sex" marriage. Using a quote from one of our deacons, who a few weeks ago presented this following questions to our congregation, "How would Jesus vote?"

For those who have professed to be of the Christian Faith, a follower of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, how could you vote contrary to the Word of God, the teachings of Jesus Christ?

If you truly believe in Jesus then you also should believe that there is life after our physical death. Eternal life with Jesus Christ in His kingdom, or eternal suffering, torment and the ravages of an eternal hell! You have the choice each day of your life, as to where you desire to spend eternity!

You have a choice on Election Day  as to what issues you support and that we all will one day have to be accountable for. This choice is yours, use it wisely and hopefully that choice will be your way of  "standing in the gap" to return this Nation to it's status and favor before Almighty God.

One more short, little, opinion, we have way to many attorneys in office now. They are undoubtably part of our Nations "problem," see the King James Bible, Luke Chapter 11:37-54!

Michael Doughterty Sr.


Fellow farmer urges voters to re-elect Tom McKee Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter to urge all the voters in the 78th Representative District to go to the polls on November 6 and vote for Tom McKee.

Tom has done an outstanding job representing Pendleton County in the Kentucky General Assembly. He serves as chairman of the House Agriculture and Small Business Committee.

As a fellow farmer, he understands agriculture and the problems we face. I know Tom is a hard worker, on the farm and in Frankfort. I have known Tom for many years and have worked with him on the farm and have visited him in Frankfort.

Thank you,
Ted Thompson


Congressional candidacy opinion Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

The best congressional candidate on the ballot November 6 is without a doubt Bill Adkins, a native son, born in Letcher County. Knowing he was born in Letcher County, you won't be surprised to learn he has worked as a track laborer for the L&N Railroad, in coal mines and in construction on the way to earning his law degree in 1999. He knows the pride of the labor of his work and of striving for a better future. He wants to help build a better future for all Kentuckians.

I'm a Grant County resident who has seen Bill Adkins steadfastly work for his clients, his party, his community who are often overlooked. I will vote for Bill Adkins because I believe he will bring a balanced, fair minded approach to every issue he tackles when he represents me in Congress.

Would I prefer to have a congressman who knows the struggles of average people or someone like his opponent who was handed his silver spoon? I'll take the person who has personally worked for every success. Bill possesses the grit of a fighter. When the topic of "privatizing" Social Security or "voucherizing" Medicare is debated and it will be Bill Adkins will be on the side of protecting these important safety nets for seniors.

Bill will be a competition advocate. He will work to secure up-to-date training facilities to prepare Kentucky workers with important skills needed in  well paying advanced manufacturing technologies.

Unlike his opponent, Bill Adkins has the perseverance to stick with what he tackles. He has the understanding of issues which enabled him to agree to debate anywhere and anytime with his opponent, but those offers have been declined. You have to ask yourself why Massie can plant huge signs at strategic locations, yet avoid every opportunity to discuss the issues in open forum. I'll go with the candidate who can stand and deliver - Bill Adkins.

Michele Workman



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