April 19, 2014

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Dear Editor
Voting by convictions on Election Day, a local man's plea Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

As our election day approaches I have become more and more aware of how this Nation is in great Jepordy of become "extinct;" morally, socially and spirituality.

Our founding fathers sought the guidance and power of Almighty God to set this Nation apart from all others on this earth. "We the people," as it is written in our Declaration of Independence; "hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unwaiverable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness-"

These truths leave, or should leave no doubt in anyone of a sound mind, that "life" has been illegally taken from a game of American citizens. This "group" of Americans is our Nations's unborn, of which well over 56 million human beings, not an animal, foul or fishes "fetus" as some would have us believe, have been violently "ripped" from their mother's womb and then "cast aside" as if they were filthy rags!

This is contrary to nature, contrary to God's laws and should be contrary in the hearts of all American citizens.

I have heard many so called Christians say that they will vote  for those political candidates that support pro-choice, gay "rights" and "same sex" marriage. Using a quote from one of our deacons, who a few weeks ago presented this following questions to our congregation, "How would Jesus vote?"

For those who have professed to be of the Christian Faith, a follower of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, how could you vote contrary to the Word of God, the teachings of Jesus Christ?

If you truly believe in Jesus then you also should believe that there is life after our physical death. Eternal life with Jesus Christ in His kingdom, or eternal suffering, torment and the ravages of an eternal hell! You have the choice each day of your life, as to where you desire to spend eternity!

You have a choice on Election Day  as to what issues you support and that we all will one day have to be accountable for. This choice is yours, use it wisely and hopefully that choice will be your way of  "standing in the gap" to return this Nation to it's status and favor before Almighty God.

One more short, little, opinion, we have way to many attorneys in office now. They are undoubtably part of our Nations "problem," see the King James Bible, Luke Chapter 11:37-54!

Michael Doughterty Sr.


Fellow farmer urges voters to re-elect Tom McKee Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter to urge all the voters in the 78th Representative District to go to the polls on November 6 and vote for Tom McKee.

Tom has done an outstanding job representing Pendleton County in the Kentucky General Assembly. He serves as chairman of the House Agriculture and Small Business Committee.

As a fellow farmer, he understands agriculture and the problems we face. I know Tom is a hard worker, on the farm and in Frankfort. I have known Tom for many years and have worked with him on the farm and have visited him in Frankfort.

Thank you,
Ted Thompson


Congressional candidacy opinion Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

The best congressional candidate on the ballot November 6 is without a doubt Bill Adkins, a native son, born in Letcher County. Knowing he was born in Letcher County, you won't be surprised to learn he has worked as a track laborer for the L&N Railroad, in coal mines and in construction on the way to earning his law degree in 1999. He knows the pride of the labor of his work and of striving for a better future. He wants to help build a better future for all Kentuckians.

I'm a Grant County resident who has seen Bill Adkins steadfastly work for his clients, his party, his community who are often overlooked. I will vote for Bill Adkins because I believe he will bring a balanced, fair minded approach to every issue he tackles when he represents me in Congress.

Would I prefer to have a congressman who knows the struggles of average people or someone like his opponent who was handed his silver spoon? I'll take the person who has personally worked for every success. Bill possesses the grit of a fighter. When the topic of "privatizing" Social Security or "voucherizing" Medicare is debated and it will be Bill Adkins will be on the side of protecting these important safety nets for seniors.

Bill will be a competition advocate. He will work to secure up-to-date training facilities to prepare Kentucky workers with important skills needed in  well paying advanced manufacturing technologies.

Unlike his opponent, Bill Adkins has the perseverance to stick with what he tackles. He has the understanding of issues which enabled him to agree to debate anywhere and anytime with his opponent, but those offers have been declined. You have to ask yourself why Massie can plant huge signs at strategic locations, yet avoid every opportunity to discuss the issues in open forum. I'll go with the candidate who can stand and deliver - Bill Adkins.

Michele Workman


Cov Cath fan tips hat to Cats Print E-mail

To whom it may concern,

As a Covington Catholic fan, I would like to tip my hat to the Pendleton County varsity football players.

You know it's easy to play and to practice if your a CovCath or HHS football player, as you know your going to go into most games you play with a better than even chance to win or to blow out your opponent!

But what about the players from PC who work their butts off much like the HHS or CovCath kids do but know that your going to lose or get blown out in most games but yet you still show up and you still practice hard and don't quit, even when the score is 56-0.

I honestly wonder how many players on the CovCath or HHS team if put on the PC team would work as hard as these young men from PC do.

I tip my cap to you the members of the 2012 Pendleton County Wildcats Varsity Football team. Keep up the hard work and remember there are people out there who notice more than just W/L and who appreciate the sweat, hard work and effort you give!

Congrats, for while you lost on the scoreboard, you didn't lose on Saturday, indeed you won by trying and giving it everything you had!

Dave Wear


Wildcats football team earns respect of athletic director Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

Our football players and staff have garnered much respect from me this year. They work their tails off every day in practice and have the best attitudes.  They are learning lessons as young men that have and will improve them for the rest of their life.  While many see the score and wonder what impression they are leaving on the teams they are facing, here is two great examples that show you that these young men and their coaches are representing Pendleton County to the highest level irrelevant of what the score might be.

To improve the character of your players and to help them to develop into the young men or ladies that need to grow into is the TRUE MEASURE of the success of an athletic team.  Our Wildcat Football team is a proven success!

Keith Smith, Athletic Director


Richard Nelson offers opinion: "politics is not a spectator sport" Print E-mail

The biggest news in the sports world over the past three weeks regards replacement referees in the NFL. Complaints over poor officiating reached a fever pitch after a horrendous last-second call cost my hometown Green Bay Packers a victory last Monday night. In the big scheme of things, it was only a game. The regular referees are back on the job and all seems right with the NFL. But… there is something more important than pro-sports, close games and officiating crews. It’s the November election. And a lot more rides on that contest than on what happened last Monday night.

KET is committed to education Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

As fall begins, I am reminded that we are entering a new season of enriching programming and robust educational services offered through Kentucky Eductional Television (KET).

Committed to education, KET continues its rich tradition of bringing trusted, world class digital learning to Kentucky classrooms. In addition, KET provides distance learning courses in physics, Latin, German and soon more serving all ages.

Accessible to public schools and classrooms across the state, KET works to support innovation, student acheivement and critical thinking skills necessary for Kentuckians to compete in a global economy.

With the election season underway, remember KET provides the most comprehensive, independent coverage of the candidates and election results. In addition, KET brings into our homes the best arts and performance programs from around the world, for all of us to enjoy.

KET depends on a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to help bring excellent, high quality programming to Kentucky. If you value KET, I encourage you to get involved. In fact, 170 million Americans count on public broadcasting each month. Join www.170millionAmericans.org to receive information about public broadcasting and its funding. Your voice does matter.

KET is a state treasure that must be protected and supported. I hope you will join with me in support of KET's education mission and public service to all Kentuckians.

Mary M. Butler
KET Friends Board Member


Knoxville Christian picked up trash Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

The Knoxville Christian Church recently picked up trash on Jagg and Fairview Road. We were very pleased to see that we found very little trash on Jagg Road. Thanks to everyone who has been helping keep this road clean. Always remember to find a proper diposal for your trash. If everyone threw their trash out the window, this world would be a dirty place.

Devon Kells


4-H Crossroads Club cleaned up litter Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

Eight members of the 4-H Crossroads Club cleaned up a little less than four miles on Morgan Four Oaks Road on July 11, 2012. We picked up 15 bags of trash. There were a lot of bottles, cans and fast food containers along the side of the road. We also found some old tires and even an old toilet. Let's all do our part to keep Pendleton County beautiful!


Autumn  Ferguson,
Leader  4-H Crossroads Club


Knoxville Baptist youth helping to keep Falmouth clean Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

I am  very thankful to Pendleton County's 109 Board for the opportunity to pick up trash along the Ed Monroe Road in Falmouth with my church youth group and parents. It gives me a lot of joy to know that I'm helping out my community while raising money for our youth mission camps and events! While doing trash pickup, found a lot of fast food containers and drink bottles/cans. On behalf of the youth at Knoxville Baptist Church, I ask that you please respect your community and do not litter!

Kelsey Lund,
Knoxville Baptist Church Youth Group



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