September 2, 2014

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Dear Editor
"Thank you" letter for all who helped with the Butler veterans celebration Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

This is a great thank you for what went on in Butler, Ky., on May 27, 2013 for the Veterans in Pendleton County and all over Kentucky. God, you helped this Dumb-Hillbilly so much to make this a great event. The great lady Mrs. Alice Smith, the mayor of Butler, did so much to help the veterans too. Thank all that helped so this was the greatest day for our Veterans in Butler, Ky. Please don’t let it stop, O.K.?

The awards that were given to the two great W.W.II ladies, Mrs. Ann Delaney and Mrs. Henrietta Manor were so, so great; also two awards were given to veterans from Flour Creek and Butler Baptist. God thank you for waking up some of the American people. This Dumb-Hillbilly would like to thank you from his heart all the great people that helped me for 11 years with the schools in Pendleton County. Please if you read this great Outlook paper, send them a thank you card and say God Bless You all so much. You all know why Pendleton County is #1 in Kentucky for our great veterans who have given all of us our freedom.

Thank you to the great people with their great donations for a great day, May 27, 2013, Butler.

Napier Pallet, Inc., Hilltop Stone – John Steele, P.C.S. Club, Donnie Johnson, Michael Redden, Heritage Bank – Mark, David Bay – B.B’s, Wal-Mart – Alex, Donnie Spencer, John Peoples, John Steele P.C., P.V.A, Karen Yelton, U.S. Bank, 5th/3rd Bank, Brinkman Oil, Wyatt’s, Soldiers of the 478th Ft. Thomas, commander Joel Nahari and the ROTC chaplain Shelby McDowell and the Firing Squad from Post 109 American Legion, Mr. Matt Sorrell, Billy Corbin, Mayor Alice Smith and Comm.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart,

Bill Ashcraft
#1 Dumb-Hillbilly


Poem: N.E.H.S. helps Mother Nature Print E-mail

By: Maxie Kordes

Strolling up and down the hills of 1054 North
we wondered if those that drive really see it worth.

Throwing out their old, worn rugs.
Pitching glass or plastic jugs.

Rolling tires down shallow banks.
Tossing cans from which they drank.

Is this any way to thank, our dear old, Mother Nature?

And then the 5-gallon paint buckets let fly,
four of them, we all wonder "Why?"

A steering wheel cover aside the road,
was it too much of a heavy load?

Cigarette butts sprinkled and dumped.
This has got all of us stumped!

Is there a shortage of garbage cans?
Don't people know that littering is banned?

Only four miles of road did we tread.
Twenty-one people and 42 bags fed.

We apologize to Mother Nature today.
And hope it doesn't end up the same littered, old way.


4-H Crossroads Club cleaned five miles on Highway 10 Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

Five members of the 4-H Crossroads Club cleaned up five miles of Highway 10 and New Hope Road on March 23, 2013. We picked up 20 bags of trash. There were a lot of bottles, cans and fast food containers along the side of the road. Remember to keep your trash in your vehicle until you get home or you can throw it away in the proper trash receptacle. Help keep Pendleton County clean!

Autumn  Ferguson, Leader 4-H Crossroads Club


Project Grad PHS students picked up litter Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

On Saturday, March 23 several volunteers for Project Grad came out to pick up trash along Hwy 27 North in Pendleton County. We were thankful for the dry weather and worked all day to clean our area highway. The money we earned will pay for a safe night of fun for our graduating high school seniors.

With our children graduating and moving on in their lives, we sincerely hope that they have all learned from the litter abatement program through the years. Our entire community benefits in many ways -- those who see first-hand the effect that littering makes, those who drive our roadways and those who live here.


Jenny Schlueter,
PCHS class of 2013, Team Leader


Knoxville Baptist Youth picked up highway trash Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

After only a few short months it was once again time to clean our roads. We were truly shocked to have collected 14 bags of garbage after only a short period of time! The main item we picked up was empty beer bottles. Drivers be sage when traveling on the back roads of Pendleton County.

Debbie Collins,
Knoxville Baptist Youth


Pendleton NJROTC cleaned litter along road Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

On Saturday, March 23, the NJROTC unit form Pendleton County High School cleaned the entire length of Route 22, from the Grant County line to Route 27. The 31 NJROTC cadets were joined by five members of the eighth grade ROTC Club from Sharp Middle School and 10 chaperones. The group filled 99 bags with trash and picked up multiple tires and other oddities such as basketballs, glass sheeting and various tools. Additionally, 12 bags with aluminum beer and soda cans were taken to a recycling center instead of unnecessarily filling our local dump.

During the clean-up, tow very generous gentlemen stopped to talk to the cadets, thanked them for their work and each made a very generous donation to the NJROTC unit.

At the end, when counting the trash bags that were filled during this five-hour evolution, it was disheartening to see that the road was already littered with several freshly discarded cans and bags from the local fast-food establishments. How can people be so uncaring?

To the residents for Pendleton County: Please help keep our roads clean.

Joel Nahari


PC girls softball team picked up 96 bags of trash Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

PCHS girls softball was given the opportunity to pick-up trash  on Hwy 17. This event was an amazing eye opener for us, we had nine players, two moms and three coaches covered Hwy 17 from the Pendleton County line to the Kenton County line (10 miles). We picked up 96 bags of trash,  five tires, a windshield and multiple other car parts. The two surprising issues were we picked up over 500 beer bottles and cans and 25 hard liquor bottles in this area. We were thanked by several residents in the area. This event made us all more of the reason to put trash in the proper place.

Samantha Smith,
Senior Team Captain


May is National Foster Care Month: Loving and stable foster families needed in Ky. Print E-mail

Dear Editor:

May is National Foster Care Month, a time to come together on behalf of over 7,000 Kentucky children who are living in foster care because their own families are in crisis. This month provides the opportunity to thank the foster families who provide homes and love to children who need them. Foster parents often become the substitute family for the youth regardless of how long they stay – be it an hour or a lifetime.

Knoxville Christian Church help to clean Hwy 467 Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

What a beautiful day for the Knoxville Christian Church as they picked up litter on Hwy 467. Over the winter the litter had accumulated for our spring clean-up. We were very busy making our county clean. There were a lot of cans, bottles, paper and trash from fast food restaurants. After we were finished we had picked up 27 bags of litter. We are proud of our county and want to keep it clean. Please don't throw out your trash!

Karen Kells


Morgan Christian cleaned up roadside litter Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

On March 16, 2013 the Unity Baptist Church Youth Group picked up litter on KY 467 beginning at mile point 6.40 and ending at mile point 10.20. We picked up 18 bags of trash in just under five miles of road. We have adopted this highway and we would like to urge the community not to throw your trash on the roadway, but put it in your trash in your garbage cans or recycle (even better) when you get home. We picked up a variety of items ranging from screwdrivers, pocket knives, fast food trash, bottles cans, car parts and many more items. Please help us keep our community clean.

Thank You,

Youth leader Beverly Davis



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