July 29, 2014

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Amish Cook
Amish Cook 12-25 Print E-mail

By: Lovina Eicher

Nice and sunny but cold day.  After a few cloudy days we welcome the sun even more. When our batteries on our solar-powered freezer start blinking low we are even more happy to see the sun.  It seems like one sunny day always recharges it for awhile. We are still glad we invested in the solar-powered freezer. Since having it installed we haven't had to pay a cent to keep it going.  With the propane prices high it is good to not be buying for the freezer yet. Our refrigerator, stove, lights,  and water heater run off of propane. Also our water is powered by a propane motor. Last week we had a problem with the motor not kicking in when the water supply in the house was low. Susan and I wanted to do the laundry and there wasn’t any water. We decided to see if we could start it manually and it worked until the next time.

The Amish Cook 12-18 Print E-mail

By: Lovina Eicher

Another week has already passed and it is time to write the column again.  We have also entered the last month of 2012. Where does time go so fast?  I keep thinking next week will be less busy and before I know it the week has passed.

Daughter Verena will have her 15th birthday on December 10. How can she be that old already?  It only seems short years ago that she was a baby.  I’ll never forget the day Verena was born.  I woke up at 2:30 a.m. and woke up my husband Joe.  I told him that I think he will have to go wake the neighbors and ask to use their phone.

Amish Cook 12-11 Print E-mail

By: Lovina Eicher

The Thanksgiving holiday is over with and everyone is preparing for Christmas. As I prepare for Christmas let us remember that Jesus is the reason for the season. So often people forget what Christmas is really about.

We spent Thanksgiving Day at sister Emma and Jacob’s house.  Emma prepared two turkeys.  They had the table set for 19 people. Daughter Elizabeth’s friend Timothy and Susan’s friend Mose joined us for the day.  It is hard to believe that Emma and my family come to 19 already when we are together. Besides turkey Emma had mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, California blend vegetables, cheese sauce, taco salad, cheese, vegetables and dip, and dirt pudding. I took along homemade bread, deviled eggs, cherry and pumpkin pies, pumpkin rolls and Long John Rolls to add to her menu.   There was way too much food and plenty of leftovers.

Amish Cook 12-04 Print E-mail

By: Lovina Eicher

I hope everyone had a happy, healthy, and blessed Thanksgiving holiday.  Hard to believe there’s only a month left before 2012 is history.  I thought I’d share a few favorite recipes from our family that you might enjoy during the upcoming Christmas season.  Try these three!

White Christmas cut-out cookies

Amish Cook 11-20 Print E-mail

By: Lovina Eicher

Monkey Bread


Bread dough to make your own biscuits or 4 tubes of refrigerated biscuits
3/4 cups sugar
1 tablespoon cinnamon
1 cup sugar
2 tablespoons water
1 /2 cup softened butter 
1 1 /2 teaspoons cinnamon
1 /2 teaspoon vanilla


Mix cinnamon and sugar together, cut biscuits into quarters, and shake biscuits in mixture. Place 1/2 the pieces in a bundt pan, pour 1/2 the syrup over this. Repeat with remaining biscuits and syrup. Bake at 350 for 45 minutes.  Serve warm.


Amish Cook 11-13 Print E-mail

By: Lovina Eicher

We have entered the 11th month of this year already.  Where did time go so fast?  Every year seems to go faster than the year before.  A happy 40th birthday goes to brother-in-law Jacob. His birthday is today, November 1.  It is a nice and sunny but cold day here in Michigan. Our thoughts and prayers are with the ones in New York and New Jersey who experienced such devastation from last week’s storm.

Amish Cook 11-06 Print E-mail

By: Lovina Eicher

Our six youngest children left for school at 7 a.m.  This is the third day now that Loretta  has taken the regular bus. She can make it all day at school without her wheelchair, although when she comes home she is ready to rest.  The handicapped bus has been picking her up since her surgery six weeks ago. Her braces will be ready Tuesday and that is also when her therapy begins.

Amish Cook 10-30 Print E-mail

By: Lovina Eicher

Today is October 18, daughter Elizabeth's friend Timothy’s birthday. So birthday greetings go out to him.

For this week’s column I am going to do a daily diary of yesterday:

3:15 a.m.  I get out of bed and pack Joe’s lunch and fill his water jug with ice and water while he gets ready for work.

3:55 a.m.  Joe leaves for work. I go back to bed for about 45 minutes.

Amish Cook 10-23 Print E-mail

By: Lovina Eicher

Another chilly morning with the temperature dipping below 40.  So far my garden hasn’t been hit with a killing frost. I am surprised because it has been quite cold on some mornings.  Some places look like they did, though.  Both my gardens are beside buildings so I wonder if they are protected from the cold a little more? The boys did pick a lot of my green tomatoes and my green and hot peppers just in case it frosted.

Amish Cook 10-16 Print E-mail

By: Lovina Eicher

Last night Benjamin and Joseph picked over a five gallon bucket of tomatoes. I now have enough to make a batch of homemade pizza sauce today. The tomato plants are still loaded with green tomatoes.  Hot and green peppers are still doing great. I am surprised we didn’t get a killing frost yet but imagine it is not too far off. I can’t believe how many leaves have fallen from the trees this past week. Such beautiful colors of leaves.  Autumn is a pretty season when the leaves start changing to yellow, red, and orange.  These are scenes only our Master Artist could create. The sunsets are also a beauty to see in the evening.


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