September 2, 2014

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The Rabbi
White Christmas at the Falmouth Baptist Church, December 15 Print E-mail

Outside the air was crisp, cool, bracing; bringing to mind a Christmas card of snow and sleighs and persons going to church in the country, beside frozen brooks and arched bridges. Those were days when a stocking with some candy and an orange and an apple were considered a nice Christmas. Those were days when many of us did not have much, but we did not know any better and rejoiced in the simpler things that many scoff at today. And, as we look back to those days we realize that for all our getting of things today: big things, little things, simple things, ornate things, we have chased a mirage for we are not as well satisfied now as then.

So Long for a While Print E-mail

I am reminded of what a friend said to me a few months past. “There are persons who hate you for what you write!” I sloughed it off, but his contention has come home to roost with me because of some letters written to the editor of The Falmouth Outlook. I have been called a bigot and a purveyor of hatred, both of which are not what I perceive myself to be.

Obamacare: Good?...Bad? Print E-mail

The airways during the past week have been filled with news on the roll out of Obamacare. Some have touted it as an early Christmas present to our nation while others have a very negative view of its advent.

I received the following in the US mail recently which raises some issues with this major legislation passed early in President Obama’s first term. Among the criticisms are the following:

Old Men Like a Little Mothering Print E-mail

I have written previously about my wife Janice and how she would not trim my toenails, a problem which I have developed in later years because I am too stiff to reach them, at least on one foot. She was trimming them one evening a few years past when she caught some flesh and it hurt! I yelled at her and hurt her feelings and she said that she would never trim them again!....And she hasn’t! I explained to my reader audience that I bet my Mother would trim my toenails if she were alive. Janice, not to be outdone replied, “But I am not your Mother!”

Response to Patrick Johnson Print E-mail

Mr. Patrick Johnson said in his well written letter in the September 12 issue of The Falmouth Outlook that I wrote articles filled with bigotry and hate. I know of no one whom I hate; therefore, it is difficult for me to understand this charge. However, I have been outspoken concerning some social issues in our society that are detrimental to our nation’s long term viability, and  persons involved in these practices could easily perceive that I hate them. Not so, I hate their practices but love them as persons and pray for them and for you as well, Mr. Johnson.

The Problem of Poverty: What Can We Do? Print E-mail

The worst case of poverty that I ever saw was in Breathitt County where I was reared. A hard working farmer of weak intelligence married a woman of slightly higher intelligence but with a strong streak of laziness. They had five stair stepped children. Four of these children slept in the same bed. One never attended school. I have seen her walk barefoot on a frozen creek without flinching.

Should a student be required to pass a drug test to graduate? Get a driver's license? Print E-mail

The following is strong stuff concerning our drug problem and may be offensive to some. But this problem is a scourge in our nation and threatens our security and well being. We are mindful of those who may have been ensnared via no fault of their own such as injuries and chronic pain. And, families who have dealt with addiction know the exasperating choices that are so heart-rending. However, there are many sources of help for drug addiction available, if the addict really wants help. See Ann Landers, September 5. Our apology if some of the following appears insensitive.

Women Print E-mail

I realize that I am on thin ice with this subject, but here goes anyway!

Janice and I were dining with two other couples in Cincinnati and lingered outside the establishment before separating to go our different ways home. The three ladies had withdrawn a few steps from us three men and were talking about whatever…Just as we three men were. A slightly off-color story surfaced in my brain and I ushered my men friends a few steps further away from our ladies and expounded, lowering my voice to not much more than a whisper. Both of my male companions laughed loudly.

Should the United States become militarily involved in Syria's civil war? Print E-mail

Let us consider some general points concerning war, points that will serve as a backdrop for answering the question posed in the title above.

First, some say, “War never solves anything.” There is some truth to this notion, but it is largely untrue. If we had not had the Revolutionary War, we would still be British citizens. If we had not had our Civil War, we would still have slaves. If we had not stood up to Germany and Japan, we would be wearing swastikas and symbols for the rising sun.

The Need for Moral Constraint Print E-mail

By Owen and Janice Collins

Australian Chris Lane was shot and killed without warning in Ada, Oklahoma this past week. Shot as he jogged in his girlfriend’s neighborhood by three juveniles, 15, 16, and 17. Two were black and the other white who brought his pregnant girlfriend to the arraignment before a judge.


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