April 19, 2014

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2013 P.C. Wildcats Soccer Schedule Print E-mail

Date    Opponent                      Place            Times

8/20    Rowan County               Home            6:00-JV/7:30-V

8/22    St. Patrick                     Away             7:00-V

8/23    BBHS Freshman Tourn.   Away            5:30-F

8/24    Russell                         Home            2:00-JV/3:30-V

8/24    BBHS Freshman Tourn.   Away            5:30-F

8/25    BBHS Freshman Tourn.   Away            3:00-F

8/27    Conner                         Away             6:00-JV/7:45-V

8/29    Villa                             Away             5:30-V

8/30    BBHS JV Tourn.             Away             6:45-JV

8/31    BBHS JV Tourn.             Away             4:30-JV

9/01    BBHS JV Tourn.             Away             3:00-JV

9/03    Mason County               Home             6:00-V/7:30-JV

9/05    Scott High                    Home             6:00-JV/7:30-V

9/06    Scott High                    Home             6:00-F

9/07    Highlands                     Home             3-F/4:30-JV/6-V

9/10    Brossart                       Away              5:00-V/6:30-JV

9/12    Harrison County            Home             5:30-V/7:00-JV

9/13    St. Henry's                   Away              7:00-F

9/14    John Harden Bulldog     Away              2:00-V

9/14    John Harden Bulldog     Away              6:00-V

9/15    John Harden Bulldog     Away              Noon

9/17    Calvary                        Away              5:00-V/6:30-JV

9/19    Dixie                           Home              6:00-V/7:30-JV

9/20    Freshman Regional       Away              4:15-F

9/21    Freshman Regional       Away              TBD

9/24    Simon Kenton              Away              6:00-V

9/26    Boone Co. @Sharp       Home             5-F/6-JV/7:45-V

9/27    JV Regional                 Away              TBD

9/30    Simon Kenton              Away              6:00-JV/7:30-V

10/03    Ryle                          Away              5-F/6:30-JV/8-V

10/05    JV Regional               Away               TBD

10/09    Paris                         Home              5:30-V

10/10    Cooper @Sharp         Home              5-F/6:30-JV/8-V

10/12    Campbell County        Away             10-F/11-JV/1-V


2013 JV Wildcats Football Schedule Print E-mail

Date             Opponent             Place        Times

9/26             Grant County        Home        6:00 PM

9/02             Carroll County       Away        6:00 PM

9/09             Ludlow                Home        6:00 PM

9/23             Bracken County     Away        6:00 PM

9/30             Dayton                 Away        6:00 PM

10/07           Nicholas County     Away        6:00 PM

10/28           Brossart               Home        6:00 PM


2013 Wildcats Golf Schedule Print E-mail

Date        Opponent                              Place

8/21        Harrison County                     PCC

8/26        Campbell County                    PCC

8/28        Mason County                        PCC

9/04        Simon Kenton JV                    PCC

9/05        Bourbon County                     AJ Jolly

9/10        Campbell County                    AJ Jolly

9/15        Bourbon Co. Tournament         Houston Oaks

9/16        Campbell County JV                PCC

9/18        Grant County                         Eagle Creek

9/19        Campbell County JV                PCC

9/21        Grant Co. Invitational              Eagle Creek

9/23        Mason County                        Maysville CC

9/24        Augusta                                 PCC

9/25        Simon Kenton                        PCC

9/26        Harrison County                     Cynthiana CC

9/30        Regional Tournament              AJ Jolly


2013 Ladycats Golf Schedule Print E-mail

Date       Opponent                      Place        Times

8/20       Mason Co./Scott Co.       Away         4:30 p.m.

8/21       Villa Madonna - JV         Away          4:15 p.m.

8/26       George Rogers Clark      Away          4:30 p.m.

8/28       Bishop Brossart             Home         3:45 p.m.

9/03       Grant County - JV          Away         4:00 p.m.

9/05       Harrison County            Away         4:00 p.m.

9/07       WBGIT                         Away         1:00 p.m.

9/09       Bourbon County            Home        4:15 p.m.

9/11       Mason County               Home        4:00 p.m.

9/16       Villa Madonna - JV         Home        4:15 p.m.

9/21       Tom Johnson Memorial   Away        1:00 p.m.

9/23       George Rogers Clark      Away        4:30 p.m.

9/25       Mason County               Away        4:30 p.m.

10/01     Region 8 Tournament     Away        TBA

10/10-12 KHSAA State Tourn        Away        TBA


2013 Wildcats Football Schedule Print E-mail

Date    Opponent                        Place        Times

08/23    Carroll County                Home         7:30 PM

08/30    Cincinnati Country Day    Away         7:30 PM

09/06    Dayton                          Away         7:00 PM

09/13    Paris                             Away         7:30 PM

09/20    Bracken County              Home        7:30 PM

09/27    Newport                        Home        7:30 PM

10/03    Nicholas County             Home        7:30 PM

10/18    Lloyd Memorial              Away         7:30 PM

10/26    Brossart                        Home        8:00 PM

11/01    Ludlow                         Away         7:00 PM


Pendleton County Ladycat Golf kicks season off Print E-mail

The Ladycat Golf team after the Villa Madonna Tournament. Sitting in the foreground is Holley Hart. From left: Brooke Cobb, Morgan Cobb, Ariel Ramsey, Mackenzie Moore, Shelby Johnson. Not pictured: Lauryn Stout.

With school poised to start this week, the Ladycat Golf team has already been hard at work competing in three tournaments, two matches and played several rounds of golf as they look to make a sixth consecutive appearance either as a team or individually in the KHSAA State Tournament.

“Our Regional Tournament is at Winchester Country Club this year and we are scheduled to play there three times this season prior to regions. The course is similar to Pendleton Country Club, so that should be in our favor,” coach Keaton Belcher pointed out as he enters his second season as Ladycat Varsity coach.

TBC Elite wins East Coast National Championship Print E-mail

Pictured from left: Brent Sowder - coach, Siah Holifield, Cameron Seater, Austin Fries, Wade Browning, Hunter Wood, Ben Weyer, Eric Dearborn, Trent McGovney, Tanner Kidwell, Chris Stapleton - coach.

TBC Elite traveled to Hampton, Virginia on July 29 to play in the DIII AAU East Coast Nationals. They started out very well in pool play going 3-0, beating teams from Virginia, Maryland, and New York to earn the number one seed in the champions bracket of tournament play.

Pendleton Athletic Park receives summer makeover Print E-mail

City of Falmouth employee Rusty Fields helps Miles Body Shop employee Ronnie Horn set the uprights on the youth football goal posts. This was a part of a summer facelift project for the Athletic Park.

After several years  of use, the Pendleton Athletic Park received a summer makeover that saw much-needed repairs made, landscaping to beautify the park and safety concerns addressed.

“As we looked at the Athletic  Park, there were several areas that we were able to fix and upgrade working with the Fiscal Court, city of Falmouth, Pendleton County School System, Recreation Commission and other agencies working together,”  Pendleton County Recreation Director Keith Smith pointed out about the facelift.

Pendleton High School starts bowling program Print E-mail

As the 2013-14 athletic season starts, one new and big thing for Pendleton County High School is the creation of a bowling team.  The new sport activity will be played during the winter season and give the students another winter sports activity beyond basketball and cheerleading. First practice starts on October 15 and PCHS is presently looking for two bowling coaches to start the program. PCHS will have both a female and a male team and hopefully be placed in the NKY region by KHSAA and practice at Southern Lanes in Alexandria.

2013 Wildcats Youth Football Schedule Print E-mail

Date    Opponent                Place        Times

8-17    Bracken County        Home        1:30-3-4:30
8-25    Grant County           Home        1:30-3-4:30
8-27    Campbell County      Away         6:00-7:30 (no midgets)
8-31    Campbell County      Home        1:30-3-4:30
9-08    Owen County           Home        1:30-3-4:30
9-15    Gallatin County        Away         1:30-3-4:30
9-22    Bracken County       Away         1:30-3-4:30
9-29    Grant County           Away         1:30-3-4:30
10-06    No Games This Week!
10-13    Owen County        Away         1:30-3-4:30
10-20    Gallatin County     Home         1:30-3-4:30
10-26    Playoffs - TBD       Away          TBD
11-03    Super Bowl - TBD  Away          TBD

Midgets (Grades K-2) - Always play first game
Mighty Pros (Grades 3rd & 4th) - Always play second game
Power House (Grades 5th & 6th) - Always play third game



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