April 18, 2014

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Extension News
Getting yourself familiar with winter weather terms Print E-mail

With winter upon us, it’s important to closely follow local weather forecasts and warnings and be familiar with seasonal weather terminology. This knowledge could save lives.

Taking fire safety measures can help save your life Print E-mail

To maintain a fire-safe home and keep your family safe this winter, follow these tips:

The astounding realities of abusing prescription drugs Print E-mail

Unfortunately, prescription drug abuse has become all too common in our society. We see instances of it every day in the media, in our communities and in our extended family and friends. It’s extremely troubling that prescription drug abuse is not only an adult problem, but a youth problem as well.

2014 acreage reporting dates Print E-mail

Kentucky USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) State Executive Director John W. McCauley announced that producers now have until January 15, 2014 to report crops that have a November 15, 2013 or December 15, 2013 reporting deadline without paying a late-filed fee. Crops under this waiver include wheat, rye and native and improved grasses intended for grazing or haying. The Risk Management Agency (RMA) did not grant a waiver so producers need to consult their crop insurance agent for deadlines for insured crops.

"In order to comply with FSA program eligibility requirements, all producers are encouraged to visit their County FSA office to file an accurage crop certification report by the applicable deadline," said McCauley.


FSA advises producers to anticipate payment reductions Print E-mail
Safe use of standby generators Print E-mail

When winter storms and other disasters disrupt electrical service a standby generator can provide emergency electrical power. However, you need to take some special precautions to ensure safe, efficient operation of these generators.

Tips for finding money in surprising places Print E-mail

With holiday bills mounting, many of us wish we could find money we lost, forgot about or didn’t know we had. Finding lost valuables, such as insurance policies and unclaimed money or property is easier than you might think.

10 smart routes to bicycle safety Print E-mail

Bicycles are a popular holiday gift and, with schools closed for the holidays, many people will be riding their bikes in the coming weeks.  Following the guidelines below will ensure that bicyclists have a safe, happy season. Actually, it’s a good idea to remember bicycle safety throughout the year.

USDA NRCS in Kentucky Announces 2014 Farm Bill Program participation Print E-mail

The USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) in Kentucky is encouraging landowners, farmers and producers to visit their local NRCS office now to receive information and apply for conservation technical assistance and possible financial funding opportunities.

4-H promotes environmental stewardship Print E-mail

We are dependent on earth’s natural resources. Everything from the air we breathe, to the water we drink, to the soil we use for food production are vital to our existence. Good stewardship is critical to ensuring these resources are protected for the next generation.


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