August 29, 2014

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Impossible People Print E-mail

This blog post was guest-written by Louisville Seminary trustee Dr. F. Morgan Roberts.

George MacDonald's best known sermons were never delivered. Forced to leave his pulpit because of his controversial message of God's universal grace, he preached thereafter with his pen, producing 619 pages of Unspoken Sermons. Here's an undelivered, unspoken sermon of mine that has been aging in my "possible sermon" file.

It starts with a story about violinist Joshua Bell who was concertizing in Washington, D.C. in 2007. While there, the Washington Post employed Bell for an interesting experiment. Dressed as a musician who was "down on his luck" and begging, Bell leaned against a subway wall and played for forty-five minutes. His underground concert consisted of six glorious but difficult pieces, which he played on his $3.5 million Stradivarius. A hidden camera recorded the audience's response to this master musician whose concerts can cost $100 per ticket. Of the 1,097 people who walked by, twenty-seven dropped their pocket change into Bell's box, but walked on without stopping to enjoy the music. How many stopped long enough to listen? Seven!

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Who Offers Bible Study for the Pastor? Print E-mail

This seemingly innocent question was nonchalantly asked recently by one of my DMin students. She had journeyed to the Seminary campus this summer with seven other experienced pastors and chaplains for a one-week intensive course on biblical interpretation. We had been working collaboratively as a class on multiple biblical passages, including some difficult ones such as Matthew 25: 31-46, over the course of several days, and the results were evident: a community of interpreters produces rich and fruitful questions and interpretations that are often difficult to match in the solitude of a pastor's study.

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Ministry in a Culture of Disengagement Print E-mail

My daughter Kate and I met my friend Angela Cowser in Nashville the other day. We went to a Chinese buffet and then, to extend our visit, walked for an hour around an outdoor track. Neither Kate nor I wore shoes ideal for walking on a cinder-covered surface, but the fellowship was too important for us to care about foot-discomfort.

Perhaps ironically, at Angela's initiative the topic that had launched the evening's discussion was the decline of meaningful conversation. By "meaningful conversation" Angela meant dialogue characterized by mutual attentiveness, openness, and respect. She meant interchanges that move participants incrementally toward a deepened understanding of themselves, one another, and the world. We discussed reasons why people don't talk as much as they used to, and noted that when conversations do occur they often are superficial and distracted.

Cooperative of Churches meeting Print E-mail

The Pendleton County Cooperative of Churches regular bi-monthly meeting that was scheduled for Thursday evening, July 18 at the Butler Christian Church has been postponed. Please watch The Falmouth Outlook for rescheduling of the meeting.


Knoxville VBS Print E-mail

The Knoxville Christian Church will be having Vacation Bible School nightly from 6 to 8:30 p.m. beginning on July 24 and ending on July 26.


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