September 14, 2014

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Democratic Woman’s Club to meet Print E-mail

Attention all Democrats!

The Democratic Woman’s Club will hold a “meet and greet” meeting for all democratic candidates at 6 p.m. on Monday, July 14 at Howard’s Place in Falmouth. Come and get to know the candidates that you will vote into office! Also, remember that Alison Grimes, Tom McKee and Jason Steffen will be asking for your vote in the fall.

At this meeting, the club will schedule people to work the Democrat Fair Booth. They will then turn the meeting over to open discussion regarding a new Democratic Executive Committee.


WWII Veterans wanted for article Print E-mail

The Falmouth Outlook is searching to find any Pendleton County veteran that served in World War II. These veterans are wanted for a recognition article to be run in The Falmouth Outlook. World War II veterans are an important piece of our history and our present. It is our desire to honor those who have given so much to our country. Please contact The Falmouth Outlook by calling 859-654-3332.


Garrett ~ Harrison announce engagement Print E-mail
Holmes ~ Fardo to wed Print E-mail
Family seeks location of Elliott home Print E-mail
The Outlook travels to the Bahia Palace in Moracco Print E-mail

The Falmouth Outlook traveled with Frances Newman (left) and Ginger Newman (right) to Spain, Portugal, and Morocco in May/June. While visiting Morocco, the mother/daughter duo stopped to pose for a picture with the newspaper at the Bahia Palace in Marrakech. Built in the late 19th century, it was intended to be the greatest palace of its time. The name means “brilliance.” As in other buildings of the period, it was intended to capture the essence of the Islamic and Moroccan style.


PC Historical Society needs information on local veterans Print E-mail

The Pendleton County Historical and Genealogical Society has an upcoming project and needs the help of local residents. They are planning to publish a book to honor Pendleton County veterans. In order for them to do this they need a picture of the veteran and a brief biography. The biography should include full name, parents' names, spouse, and children. If preferred, any living spouse or children would not be included. One should also include which branch of service, rank, where they served, and war if applicable. If the veteran is from a much earlier time or no picture is available, just the biography is good since they want to include them.

The Pendleton County Historical Society knows these photos are precious to families and therefore will do a scan of the pictures if necessary. The Fryer House in Butler is open the first and third Tuesday of each month as well as the third Saturday of the month for regular meetings. Plans can be made to do scans on these dates. If you are unable to make any of these dates, contact: and someone will reply to set up a date for those who are interested. You can also send your veteran’s picture and biography to this email address or mail it to: Pendleton County Historical and Genealogical Society, PO Box 130, Falmouth, KY 41040. Attention: Suzan Taylor.


Help for those who stutter is available at the PC Library Print E-mail
Employers and job-seekers meet here and leave happy Print E-mail

Over the past several months, The Kentucky Career Center, Pendleton County office has hosted several hiring events including positions for Kincaid Lake State Park, Dana Corporation, EBAY, Grant County Foods, and others positions throughout the Northern Kentucky area.   As a result, Pendleton residents have been able to find sustained employment in positions with potential advancement opportunities, while employers are able to find the right candidates with certain skill sets in order to fill their vacancies.
Here are just a few things local employers had to say about recent hiring events through the Career Center in Pendleton County.

“I could not have asked for a better turn out!  I was able to use the majority of the people that came in that day within the week.” - Meghan, Crown Services      

“I have had a lot of success with the amount of people coming in from the career days that you have put together for me …I had 13 people show up from the last event and I hired 11.” - Jason, Grant County Foods

“This was definitely a success for us. I had the opportunity to speak with 15 wonderful individuals  … At this point in time I have already followed up with 11 of the candidates and am excited to say it looks as if we will be able to move forward with employment opportunities for them.”  - Monica, Advantage Staffing

Experiences, such as this, affirm the Kentucky Career Center Promise, which states, “As a team of experts, we are dedicated to providing Kentucky Employers with a qualified, skilled workforce and the people of Kentucky with career, job training, and educational experiences.”

If you are seeking employment, please visit the Kentucky Career Center located at 500 Chapel St. Falmouth, KY during the new hours of operation effective July 7, Monday – Thursday 8-4 or attend the next hiring event to take place on July 9 from 1-4 p.m. with Advantage Staffing.


Parnells celebrate 50th anniversary Print E-mail

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