September 2, 2014

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The Outlook travels to Riviera Maya Mexico Print E-mail

The Falmouth Outlook traveled with Donna Proeschel and Jessica Moore to Riviera Maya Mexico in January. The two usually take their annual mother/daughter trip in June but this year they were sitting on the couch one cold and snowy January day and Donna asked her daughter what she wanted for her birthday, which was on January 30. Jessica replied, “Mom, I just want to be warm.” Donna decided to book a trip to the Riviera Maya and the two departed on January 25, the day after one of this winter’s many snow storms. It took Donna’s husband two hours to get them to the airport but they made it. Three hours later, they were stepping off a plane into beautiful, 85 degree weather. “It was incredible,” said Donna. “I think this will be an every year thing from now on.”