August 20, 2014

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May Primary has many candidates Print E-mail

The candidates running on the May Primary Ballot are all in. January 28, 2014 was the deadline to file.

For U.S. Senator there are three candidates. Incumbent Mitch McConnell, (R), Louisville, will have Alison Lundergan Grimes (D), Lexington, and James Bradley Copas (R), Lexington, running against him.

The office of U.S. Representative for the 4th Congressional District incumbent Thomas Massie (R), Garrison, has one candidate filing against him that is Peter Newberry (D), Berry.

State Senator for the 24th District has four candidates vying for that position. Sen. Katie Kratz Sine  (R) will not seek another term. Filing for that seat is Jason Michael Steffen (D), Southgate, Wil Schroder (R), Wilder; Deb Sheldon (R), Ft. Thomas, and Brandon N. Voelker (R), Cold Spring.

State Representative for the 78th District has incumbent Tom McKee (D), Cynthiana, seeking re-election, and Mark Hart, (R), Falmouth.

Circuit Judge for the 18th District Jay Delaney, Cynthiana has no opposition. Nonpartisan.

Circuit Judge Family Court incumbent Barbara Paul, Falmouth, nonpartisan, has three running against her. Sam W. Arnold, Cynthiana, nonpartisan; Heather Fryman, Cynthiana, nonpartisan; and Eric Tedder, Carlisle, nonpartisan.

In county here are the list of our candidates.

For the office of county judge there are five candidates running. L.R.... Faulkner Jr. (D), Falmouth; David Fields (R), Falmouth; J. Sonny Caldwell (D), DeMossville; Rob Bertram (D), Falmouth; and Andrew Coleman (D), Falmouth.

Pendleton County Attorney Jeffery B. Dean (D), Falmouth, has no opposition.

Pendleton County Clerk Rita Spencer (D), Butler,  has no opposition.

Property Valuation Administrator office has incumbent John E. Steele, (D), Butler, and Jeffrey A. Bowen (D), DeMossville.

For the office of Pendleton County Sheriff incumbent Charles Wm. "Craig" Peoples, Falmouth, has one candidate running against him. Bill Harris (R), Falmouth.
Pendleton County Jailer Ken Kells (D), Butler, has no opposition.

Pendleton County Coroner's office has only one candidate filing, Jonathon Peoples (D), Butler. He has been serving as Deputy Coroner.

Magistrate District 1 incumbent Alan R. Whaley (R), DeMossville; and Jay Caldwell (D), DeMossville.

Magistrate District 2 incumbent Gary G. Veirs, (D), Butler, has no opposition.

Magistrate District 3, incumbent Bobby Fogle (D), of Berry, seeks re-election; Darrin W. Gregg (D) of Falmouth; and Stacie A. Meyer (D), of Berry.

Magistrate District 4 has three new candidates. Rick Mineer (D), Falmouth; Jack Caldwell (D), Falmouth; and Joyce Gillespie Brown (D), Falmouth.

Constable District 1 Gregory A. Littleton (R), DeMossville.

Constable District 2 Michael R. Fleharty (R), Falmouth; Kenny Wayne Stapleton (D), Foster.

Constable District 3 Incumbent Louis McCord (R), Falmouth filed seeking re-election.

Constable District 4 has incumbent Michael Dougherty Sr. (R), Falmouth, seeking re-election.

Pendleton County Surveyor has incumbent Howard M. Johnston (R), Falmouth seeking re-election.