July 24, 2014

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GATES students perform "The King and I"

Production team, front row, from left: Andrew Wright, Julia Holland, Christine Philpott, Morgan McKinney, Morgan Purcell, Grace Lustenberg, Sarah Tackett. Cast, back row, from left: Nathan Taylor, Jared Whitney, Jonathon Bayless, Michael English, Hayley Sweetland, Sadie Weaver, Tony Dietrich, Alex Tillett, Alyssa Bayless, Hannah Conrad, Naomie Wise, Katie Fields, Morgan England, Marian Rice, Cody Dawson, Abbigail Madden, Madison Knox, Sarah Reid, Emma Reid, Charissa Reid.

The Pendleton County School GATES Program hosted four student performances of “The King and I” at the Falmouth School Center, November 14-16.