August 21, 2014

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PCHS uniforms and trophies for sale Print E-mail

Would you like a part of PCHS Athletic history with a trophy from the team you were a part of in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s or in the 2000 millennium?

Would you like the uniform that you wore during your playing days of representing PCHS against rivals?

During the Alumni Basketball game on Saturday, November 23 at PCHS, the PC Athletic Department will be offering for sale for $1 trophies from the past 50 years of Pendleton County Athletic history.

Uniform prices will vary dependent on the uniform.  All sales are first come, first serve bases and are final.

“We have over 200 trophies sitting in storage underneath the gym floor at PCHS. We simply don’t have room in the trophy cases to showcase all of the trophies,” athletic director Keith Smith commented. “State law prevents us from giving them away but we can sell them for a dollar and let the players who were a part of winning them, own them.”

Any district championship trophy won at the varsity level, regional trophies and some specialized regular season trophies are being kept and showcased in the trophy case.

Smith continued, “We spent a portion of the summer organizing the trophy cases and putting the major trophies in the front lobby trophy cases. Each sport has it’s owned labeled section as well as the central trophy case being used for state tournament appearances, regional championships both by teams and individuals.”

Don’t miss out on bringing home a part of your PCHS Athletic history!